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Best game series out of these 3

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User Info: DivineWraith

4 months ago#11
Elder Scrolls because of quantity of excellent experiences. They're slippin' though, making bad decisions for bad reasons and it will be reflected in future installments.

User Info: ArkonBlade

4 months ago#12
ES for me.

I have given all three witcher games a chance and couldn't get into them.

Only liked the first DA game the rest were crap.
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User Info: cory1225

4 months ago#13
so funny that people voted for witcher

Almost every elder scrolls game has been really good

Witcher 1 was f***ing terrible
witcher 2 was okay at best
witcher 3 while good, is greatly over hyped
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User Info: Freelance_Wolf

4 months ago#14
Never played Dragon Age series but Witcher is far better than the ES series. All 3 games (although I've barely started 3) are amazing IMO. I don't think the combat is clunky at all, but I am in the extreme minority. The lore and writing is great, and it made me start reading the amazing novels.

User Info: thelocalhentai

4 months ago#15
While I like the first witcher, it's definitely not a good game compared to the new ones. It just felt like a slog in both user experience and gameplay.

Dragon Age only has one good game and it's the first.

Elder Scrolls by themselves are mostly buggy games with garbage stories (bethesda can't write for s***) BUT the series does have the best mod support and that in itself makes the series worth it. The core problems are still garbage though, no matter how cool/awesome the mods are, you will always be the same dude doing the same s*** throughout all the games. Doing a lot of extra s*** that will never amount to anything substantial at the endgame, although it does add to the almost authentic feel of immersion.

I'm like most people though, W3 is better than any elder scrolls game but all the elder scrolls games are good enough, Dragon Age only has one good game and they f***ed it up so hard.

User Info: LeFeverBeaver

4 months ago#16
Tough call. DA is closest to my heart, but ES is probably objectively a better experience. W3 is up there, though. Can't go wrong either way, if you're trying to choose. Skip DA2.
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User Info: CursedPanther

4 months ago#17
Have only played TW and DA to the fullest so I can only comment on these two. TW started mediocre but ended on a high note, meanwhile it's the opposite for DA instead but it doesn't mean I won't look forward to a DA sequel.

For those who have voted for TES, have you even tried anything in the series that is before Skyrim or TESO?

User Info: GamingGod

4 months ago#18
So disappointed that Witcher is winning

W3 is in my top 5 of all time but as a series, elderscrolls is way better
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User Info: Jason_Hudson

4 months ago#19
If we're strictly talking series, then Elder Scrolls. Though the Witcher 3 is a great game. I enjoyed The Witcher 2 as well, but it's not anything ground breaking.
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User Info: Mute_Guardian7

4 months ago#20
Can't really comment on the Dragon Age series, but between Elder Scrolls and The Witcher, Elder Scrolls is by far the best, even without mods. Say what you will about The Witcher 3 and how it's the greatest game ever made, but the previous 2 Witcher games are, at least as games, f***ing awful.
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