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Laptop for a trucker.

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User Info: treywalks

5 months ago#1
I need to build a laptop with the capability to play games like Ark, or PUBG, or 7days. Steam platform basically. I have built PC before but never a laptop. Any info, instructions, links to a step by step, etc? Ive found little info surprisingly.

User Info: captsplatter_1

5 months ago#2
You don't build laptops. Your best bet might be something like a gaming laptop with a thunder port. However you still won't be able to upgrade the CPU, so make sure to get a strong one from the get go. RAM and (with a thunderport) GPUs can be upgraded.
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User Info: Rolen47

5 months ago#3
You just look around for deals and buy the one that has the most features you want. There's much more to consider when buying a laptop. Specs, weight, size, battery life, heat, etc. Some people hate heavy laptops because they're annoying to carry around. While some the weight doesn't matter because they only play on a table. A helpful site is

User Info: thegreatsquare

5 months ago#4
If you're trucking through somewhere with a Microcenter:

otherwise just look for something with a gtx 1060 6gb and 16gb of system ram, gtx 1070 if the budget allows.
Explain why MSI needs our laptops on top of the wholesale cost they're already get from us in their GT72(s)/GT80(s) trade in program? MSI isn't to be trusted!
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