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Hollow Knight?

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User Info: SlabAcid

2 months ago#1
After getting in to Dead Cells for a while, I've had multiple people tell me HK is better in every way.

I bought it, and after about an hour, I was struggling to stay awake. What is it I'm missing?
Slab Acid:

User Info: Spinder1

2 months ago#2
I haven't played Dead Cells but iirc isn't that game a roguelike with vaguely Souls-esque combat or something like that? Aside from both being 2D action platformers I guess, I don't know why someone would compare it directly to Hollow Knight then, a pure classic Metroidvania. You can probably forget about that comparison, but as for HK itself, it is a slow boiling game which doesn't start off with a bang but instead takes a while to get going. The exploration and world design is phenomenal and by the late game the combat gets really great too. Stick with it if you like Metroidvanias. It's my 2017 GOTY.
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User Info: SlabAcid

2 months ago#3
Ahhh, I understand.

I'm really not a fan of the genre, I think Dead Cells just meshed well to my personal tastes. I'll stick with HK a bit longer, but doubt I'll make it my GOTY >_>
Slab Acid:

User Info: Voidgolem

2 months ago#4
Dead Cells is basically a soulsclone roguelite.

Hollow Knight is essentially Zero Mission with a pretty indie artstyle.

if your intent is metroid-like, HK is better.

if your intent is action-heavy combat focus, Dead Cells is better.

User Info: geejq

2 months ago#5
You may end up liking hollow knight a lot, I started out thinking it's not that great, but by the time i finished it was like a 9/10 for me. It's just so solid in every category, it's hard to give it much lower of a score.

User Info: ElDudorino

2 months ago#6
For me, the most interesting part of Hollow Knight was actually the beginning. I like the art style and the gameplay is very solid but once you've explored the world and you're still only like 50% done with the game it becomes an absolute grind as you have to constantly run back and forth across the map (even with the stag beetle travel it's still a slog) to get into the little nooks and crannies in the corners of each room just in order to progress. Also, gating the ability to map out each area behind the cartographer, who can't even be accessed in at least one area until near the end of the game, was just a pain and did nothing to enrich the experience for me, especially given how crucial the map is when you're hunting down the last few things to do in order to progress in each area. Another issue is that the difficulty is all over the map; most of the hardest fights take place early in the game or near the middle of the game. Collecting dream fragments or soul shards or whatever they are is also a grind, especially in the areas with dream trees that spawn bubbles all over the map.

I definitely find Dead Cells much more entertaining, but yeah, they're not really the same kind of game.

A good non-random game that falls between Hollow Knight and Dead Cells in terms of style would be Salt and Sanctuary.

User Info: neroAngelo

2 months ago#7
SlabAcid posted...
What is it I'm missing?

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User Info: SlabAcid

2 months ago#8
I see a lot of comments about the art and design, and while it's not something I'm driven away by, I just liked those parts of Dead Cells more. Judging by what I'm reading, I think if I had played Hollow Knight first, I probably would have enjoyed it a little more, instead of comparing it to another game at every turn : /
Slab Acid:

User Info: chandl34

2 months ago#9
It gets more interesting when your skills expand. I'd put Hollow Knight over Salt and Sanctuary and Axiom Verge.
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User Info: wentzelot

2 months ago#10
neroAngelo posted...
SlabAcid posted...
What is it I'm missing?


this.. hollow knight had me in awe from the beginning. one of the best games in 2017
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