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Building Two PC this year... Opinions needed

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User Info: kryptonsson

4 months ago#1
I have some PC parts I need to use. What I should do.

I have a 7700K with an Asus strix Z270E Mobo. I think I've had since Summer 2017.
And I have a Ryzen 1700X.

Currrently I game on 4790K GTX 1070 it's currently housed in corsair Obsidian 250D.

I also have a 3570K with a MSI GTX 970 which I use all purpose rig housed in a bitfenix prodigy case. Its definitely showing it's age but still a solid rig.

I am wondering what I should do with parts I haven't used. I am planning on pairing 1080ti with one of them. keeping the 1070 and pairing it with the other.

And maybe keeping the GTX 970 and pairing it with 4790K and using it a living room HTPC.

I'm just curious with some suggestions some might have.

Side note I've got a MSI GS63VR... Thinking about selling and getting the new GPD WIN 2 Thoughts
Hey Hey PC game erryday
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