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Case Fan Recommendation

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User Info: Szymaa

6 months ago#1
Planning on building a new system in the next few weeks, GPU craziness aside, and I need some recommendations for intake fans.

I'm looking for 140mm, RGB fans, for intake on the front of a MasterCase Maker 5. I've checked on all the major fan brands and I'm confused between the Airflow and Static Pressure models they all make.

Anybody got some fans they could point me towards?
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User Info: Silvererazor

6 months ago#2
Can't recommend any RGB fans, since I never cared for them. But for intake you want to have static pressure fans. They are designed to push air through spaces with obstacles, like the frontpanel, radiators or drivecages.

User Info: gwizzler

6 months ago#3
Sanyo Denki 109R1212H1011 is one of the best fans ever made, if not the best. These are good if you plug them into a fan controller as well.
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User Info: saltedham

6 months ago#4
corsair ML pro
corsair LL

both are great looking rgb static/air fans. the ML ones are a bit better with static pressure.

I got ML red led ones before they came out with the rgb ones. damn their 5 year warranty. I'm gonna be stuck with them for a long time

User Info: Terantatek

6 months ago#5
AF140 fans
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