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User Info: 2UpShroom

1 year ago#1
How do you get one of those fancy backgrounds of a game on your Steam profile? Some player's profiles are all decked out with graphics and stuff how do I get on that?

User Info: dennis941012

1 year ago#2
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User Info: Born Lucky

Born Lucky
1 year ago#3
I got my backgrounds from making badges, but you can buy backgrounds for pretty cheap on the community market. Just type in a game , in the search bar and see what backgrounds they have. Most of them are probably less than 10 cents..

Here's the background I'm using right now, but I change it all the time.
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User Info: MarceloSampaio

1 year ago#4
I don't remember how I got mine:

Either the game gave it to me after beating it, or I got it by crafting badges or something. I know I didn't spend a single dime on cards or backgrounds, that much I'm certain.
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User Info: Bleu_Skie

1 year ago#5
Most are static, but you can do some creative stuff as well. Like animate/gif part of the background and add it into a showcase.

Like this:
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User Info: arleas

1 year ago#6
MarceloSampaio posted...
Either the game gave it to me after beating it, or I got it by crafting badges or something.

The only ways to get backgrounds and emotes is from crafting badges OR buying them directly off the market. You don't get anything for beating a game other than maybe some achievements or something.

Anyway, you play the game, it gives you cards... it should tell you how many drops you have left to get, and you can even idle to get the cards if you want. However, the game only gives you half the cards necessary to get a badge (but rounded up). So if there are 10 cards in a badge, you get 5 from playing the game. If there are 7 cards in a badge, you would get 4. (Half of 7 is 3.5 rounded up is 4).

From there you either pray for a booster pack drop and pray that the booster pack gives you exactly the cards you're missing, OR you buy or trade them on the market to get the rest of the set.

Crafting the badge gives you 1 crappy coupon that you'll probably never use, 1 emote, 1 badge level (out of 5) and 1 background. However, like they said, you can probably buy most backgrounds for cheap. A select few will sell well though so if you want something like this:

That one starts in the $3 range.

Usually if they're expensive, it's because it has a hot chick on it but sometimes just a plain colored background goes for almost $1

Also, price depends on availability, so if it's a game nobody bought, then the one or two guys who have the backgrounds could set the price as high as he wants.

User Info: Tekken9292

1 year ago#7
Your account needs to reach a certain level before you can start using backgrounds, screenshot showcases and such. Something like level 5 or 8.
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User Info: arleas

1 year ago#8
Tekken9292 posted...
Your account needs to reach a certain level before you can start using backgrounds

It's not hard to get to level 5 or 6...

Unless TC made his account yesterday, he's probably got at least one or two levels just from how long he's had his account. Also he can do the "Community" stuff and get a couple of badge levels off of that.

User Info: BMXJouster

1 year ago#9
This Stella background from VA-11 Hall-A is what I'm currently using:
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User Info: captsplatter_1

1 year ago#10
You have to add enhanced steam plugin.
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