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So with HTC Vive can one play any PC game with it ? or does it have to be VR...

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  3. So with HTC Vive can one play any PC game with it ? or does it have to be VR...

User Info: Kano92

6 months ago#1
edition of a game ? Obviously there are specific HTC Vive branded games for it that take advantage of it's VR capabilities. But I use it for any application though, even though the games weren't made for it ? For example can I try and play Stalker with just a K/M and what about like I just want to watch Netflix would that work ?

User Info: wizardmon

6 months ago#2
It's possible to use a HMD as a static monitor for games, but unless you have a HMD with a higher resolution than the Vive text will be blurry.

Also, motion controls won't work unless you have like additional TrackIR hardware/software support from the game.

The 3D stereoscopic vision a HMD provides will also be unsupported meaning judging distances would be harder, although this is less of an issue since you're not playing games that have you reaching for stuff in real-world meatspace.
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User Info: loader963

6 months ago#3
You don’t want to. I tried using my desktop and it was horrible. Maybe 2d games would be better but I doubt it.
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User Info: SilentHawk29

6 months ago#4
I tried playing a game using bigscreen and I started feeling nauseated for some reason. It's like the resolution was slightly off or something.
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User Info: arleas

6 months ago#5
You don't need any extra software to play a game In VR (as in just emulating a big screen TV). If there's a lot of text I wouldn't recommend it unless you're getting a Vive Pro or Samsung Odyssey or better, but if there's not any small text to worry about you can play it in the "steam theater mode". You could also play it on Bigscreen beta with a friend hanging out and watching and in some cases you could even play a Virtual LAN (assuming you can directly connect your computers up to play like the old co-op games).

On the OTHER end of the spectrum, there's VorpX which is supposed to make some non-VR games work in VR (presumably by taking advantage of the 3D geometry to send the appropriate images to each eye). There's also another one that's more like playing games on a 3D TV but I forgot the name. Both of those programs will cost you money though, and in the case of VorpX you pay a one time fee but there are no refunds. The other one is worse: subscription service. You stop paying? Then you stop getting to play your games in 3D.

TriDef 3D.. that's the one I couldn't think of before.
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  3. So with HTC Vive can one play any PC game with it ? or does it have to be VR...

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