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I'd like to ask for post-apocalyptic games suggestions

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User Info: Marikhen

5 months ago#31
vlado_e posted...
Marikhen posted...
Also, the Shadowrun games are probably post-apocalyptic, at least technically, given that an apocalypse doesn't necessarily need to almost completely wipe out all life.

Was there an apocalypse event in Shadowrun? I'm not very familiar with the metastory, I though it was sort of "rapid evolution", if you will, when one age ends and the other one starts bringing magic back and with it all the trolls, dwarves, etc. Then that mixes with cyberpunk as big corporations and tech (in Shadowrun's case "and magic") ruin people's lives and you're there.

The reawakening of magic and magical creatures pretty much is a cataclysm event, especially when many humans become dwarves, elves, orcs, trolls, and so on. It's not a Fallout 4 or Resident Evil (movie) sort of cataclysm where all life on the planet is put at risk. It's more of a 5th Wave or Walking Dead sort of cataclysm where it's the human species and/or our societies that are damaged.

captsplatter_1 posted...

Just needs a camping set so you can sleep on a bed to save.

Conquest provides just that, and Sleep or Save lets you skip the sleep part to save since Conquest only provides a sleeping bag and sleeping bags are worse than nothing.

Frankly, sleep mechanics in Survival are pure punishment given how you can be more tired after an "hour" of sleep than an "hour" of combat. The fact that the sickness mechanics tend to trigger when you sleep so that you wake up with various disease states just makes it worse.

I've had patches with most of my Survival characters where it's wake up, pop an antibiotics (because of course antibacterial medication cures you of insomnia and intestinal parasites >_> ) to get rid of the exhaustion, insomnia, weakness, or whatever else I somehow acquired while sleeping in a clean bed, drink four pumps from a water pump, eat wild mutfruit because it's totally risk-free, and go about my business.

Got to the point that I'd use the console to save before sleeping and reload the save after sleeping if I woke up sick because waking up sick 10x in a row was just infuriatingly stupid, and when I realized how dumb that was I just used the console to give myself antibiotics whenever I woke up sick.

Mind you that yes, that defeats the purpose of playing on Survival (the save scumming and granting of items, not using the console), but it's hard to want to play fair when the game mechanics seem designed more to just screw you over than to add a sense of realism or danger/risk to the game.
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User Info: 32x2z

5 months ago#32
Shadowrun on genesis. If you don't mind 2d Zelda style apocalyptic games. You can level up particular skills, go on missions, cyber combat, modify your body, join gangs, fight the cops, help the cops, and it's set in a setting that I would describe as post apocalyptic.
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