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What would happen if you pull out a RAM stick while the pc was on?

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  3. What would happen if you pull out a RAM stick while the pc was on?

User Info: GM_

4 months ago#1
Just wondering
PC mustarded rice

User Info: DiehardFFv2

4 months ago#2
Try it out for yourself and report back with your results.
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User Info: SinisterSlay

4 months ago#3
You blue screen
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User Info: ClunkerSlim

4 months ago#4
SinisterSlay posted...
You blue screen

That's quitters talk.

User Info: KillerTruffle

4 months ago#5
Let's just say "nothing good."
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User Info: Monopoman

4 months ago#6
Probably the same thing if you try to pull out any part while a computer is running...

All of the things that can happen are pretty damn bad.
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User Info: johnny_pay

4 months ago#7
Computer will automatically shut down

User Info: loader963

4 months ago#8
Idk but am curious. Maybe tc could try it and post a video so we can see? Bonus points if he will do it multiple times, rapidly inserting and removing it.
I can be patient, but I'm not waiting!

User Info: Shinkoden

4 months ago#9
Now I'm curious. I have an old Phenom X4 in the closet, if I was home I'd test it right now.

User Info: jhood

4 months ago#10
your computer just yells "put my s*** back b****!". ive tried before
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  3. What would happen if you pull out a RAM stick while the pc was on?

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