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Stardew Valley, are their missable events?

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User Info: Terantatek

6 months ago#1
Do I need to use a guide to make sure to talk to certain people in certain areas on a certain day or anything like that? Only reason im hesitant to play tbh is because of missables.
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User Info: Voidgolem

6 months ago#2

User Info: ryouma17

6 months ago#3
there are no missables but during heart events picking the wrong answer will reduce their friendship level with you its not much of an issue since you can just regift the npc and bring your friendship back up, and by "wrong" answer i mean being an ass during the heart events

User Info: Jimmys

6 months ago#4
I'm not sure but is Leah's art show missable? She gives you a specific day to be there

User Info: unclee

5 months ago#5
Jimmys posted...
I'm not sure but is Leah's art show missable? She gives you a specific day to be there

No, you can just go another day. I accidentally missed it on a recent playthrough but went to the town the next day at that time and the art show started playing.

User Info: captsplatter_1

5 months ago#6
Only when you decide to either join with jojo or whatever that place is called or kicking them out of stardew valley. It will give you a sort of warning I believe if you are entering a point of no return. So don't worry. Even the 3rd year thing with grampa, you can just use a diamond to be reevaluated.
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User Info: hokkendire

5 months ago#7
I don't know if it was fixed but there was a bug that if you completed a bundle set the day before a birth it would skip the popup
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User Info: Renraku_San

5 months ago#8
What about their events?
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User Info: JKatarn

5 months ago#9
I love Stardew Valley, but one thing that has always bothered me is that the dialogue during the events etc. never changes based on your friend level etc. with the various townfolks - they always say the same thing. Seems very artificial/gamey.
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User Info: ElDudorino

5 months ago#10
JKatarn: That is one of my biggest complaints about the game as well, and puts the game in sharp contrast with games like Rune Factory 4 which have what seems like hundreds of dialogue possibilities depending on the day, the time, the weather, and your relationship level.

Well, that and the incredibly lame 'combat' in SDV. Plus the randomness involved with finding the dwarf scrolls... Not that being friends with the dwarf affects much.
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