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Recommend me some good singeplayer games

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User Info: iPWNtheNoobs

5 months ago#21
candlefighter posted...

what genres/games do you like and what are your specs?


Mainly shooters and RPG's, but often willing to try new stuff. Loved the witcher 3 and the first middle-earth game (waiting for sale on newest one).

Specs: i5-6600k, GTX 970, 16GB ram. So I should be ok with most games.
Space Waster

User Info: Borticus1

5 months ago#22
Nier: Automata

This War of Mine
The Stanley Parable

Under the Radar:
Infested Planet
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User Info: candlefighter

5 months ago#23
iPWNtheNoobs posted...
Mainly shooters and RPG's, but often willing to try new stuff.

shooter suggestions
the Alien Breed series(the new one though the old ones have some... interesting cheats)
Binary Domain - while it is Japanese, the game seems to play like a western game set in Japan. none of the characters on your team are Japanese though. the player character is also American.
Bioshock Series
Hard Reset -an FPS with upgrades. it isn't an RPG though. it's an old schoolish FPS with modern stuff like great graphics and a more linear path.
Left 4 Dead series - it's more mindless shooter than say Bioshock, but it's still fun.
Vanquish - a fast paced scifi shooter with weapon upgrades and a slowmo mechanic. it might be Japanese like Binary Domain, it plays like a western game.
Loadout - while it is an MP shooter, it is free. you can play with others against bots. it seems to the best/only way to play anyway. it's main gimmick(definitely not a bad thing) is its weapon building mechanic. it's really fleshed out. while it does use a currency, you can get it pretty easily ingame. you also get some after your first match of the day everyday.
Max Payne series
Metro series
Painkiller: Black edition- this is an old school shooter with out the keykards etc. Overdose and Redemption are decent. but stay the fick away from Painkiller Resurrection. that game is pure and udder s***. the only reason you should get it is if you save money by getting it with the other games than getting them separately. if you like the idea of the game, but want something more modern, get Painkiller: Hell and Damnation.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - not suer which one is best. only played a bit of Clear Sky but I think others like Shadow of Chernobyl best.
Saints Row series - Saints row 2(mod it with Gentleman of the Row without question) is a straight up shooter with unlockables such as customization, unlimited ammo, and sprint. 3, 4, and Gat out of Hell(I think the last one anyway) have upgrades in a similar vain. either way, they're fast paced shooters. #2 is more realistic(at least for a Saints Row), #3 is wacky, and #4 is still wacky but has more scifi stuff. it also has super powers. Gat out of Hell is set in hell and is more of a fantasy based Saints Row. the gameplay is solid throughout though. just don't expect something such as Arma when you play.
Serious Sam series - particularly TFE, TSE, and BFE. I've only played the HD versions, but if you get any of them, you get the corresponding Serious Sam Fusion version(if you get Serious Sam: TFE, you get the fusion game of that game) for free.
Spec Ops: The Line - decent gameplay, but the main draw is the story.

RPG suggestions
Stardew Valley - while this is more of a legend of Zelda style RPG about farming, it's a great game.
Dungeon Siege Series
Elder Scrolls series - particularly Oblivion and Skryim. both are good games even if Oblivion is a bit old(especially in graphics and some gameplay stuff). haven't played the rest though.
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing - you can use guns in it, though I dunno if you need the DLC for it. it's gothic noir science fiction for sure. probably fantasy too.
Torchlight series - also an isometric ARPG, though the first one is either straight up or mostly fantasy while the second one is science fantasy. #2's world is a fantasy world with technology in it.

shooter/RPG hyrbids
Borderlands series
Deus Ex and Deus Ex HR
the Fallout series everything up to and including Fallout Tactics are slower isometric games. they're more RPG than shooter. Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4 are first person shooters that have RPG elements.

note: I bolded the ones I liked best.

User Info: Kokuei05

5 months ago#24
I have only played Path of Exile since Abyss league began. I'm done with the league now. I have about 100ex in my stash and about 100ex + in gear. Did 36/40 challenges but it can easily be 39/40. Endless grind would take some time to finish, the other 3 are easy.
i7-6700K @ Stock | Team Vulcan 16GB 3000Mhz | Zotac 8GB GTX 1080 Mini | EA232WMI 79hz
e7470 | i5-6300U || Surface Pro 2 i5 || OnePlus 5t || iPad Air 2 9.0

User Info: iPWNtheNoobs

5 months ago#25
Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Looked at all of them and will definitely give some a try.
Space Waster
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