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Xbox One S controller double tapping over bluetooth

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User Info: wildog2006

4 months ago#1
So I've been playing through FF9 again and noticed that my xbone controller was occasionally registering double inputs when a button was only pressed once. But it's only over bluetooth, I wired it up and the problem immediately went away and it hasn't happened again in 4-5 hours of gameplay. Anyone else experienced this? I figured using BT might have slightly more input lag than wired or with the adapter, but this is ridiculous.
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User Info: Ryzeki

4 months ago#2
I have that problem but with a GameSir controller, exactly over bluetooth as well. No solution yet for my case, as far as I know.
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User Info: arjames13

4 months ago#3
This may or may not be the same, but I was having issues with double input on my xbone controller with Fallout 4. The fix was disabling the known controllers in steam.
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User Info: BeyondWalls

4 months ago#4
Kids today, amiright? I remember when you had to pay extra to get a nice rapid fire button on your controller.
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