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What games have you been playing?

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User Info: burn420247

4 months ago#31
Zelda BOTW for a solid week and a half.

first ever Zelda game for me and im old as balls (41). ive had various nintendo consoles in my youth and always panned Zelda games. last nintendo system i owned was a 64.

awesome game. love playing it and also hating that im coming up on the end soon.
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User Info: BrokenMachine85

4 months ago#32
Quake Champions
Diablo 3
Mummy Demastered
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User Info: thelocalhentai

4 months ago#33
Warframe (the addiction will never leave)
Dawn of War III
Star Citizen

User Info: Greg4501

4 months ago#34
Finally bought The Surge during the holiday sale.. been playing it and beat it and the dlc. Had an absolute blast with it. Not perfect by any means but a lot of fun. Hoping for more dlc.

Also playing Rimworld. Very addictive once you learn things and get your colony going.
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