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I see paywalled online play on consoles as basically this.

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  3. I see paywalled online play on consoles as basically this.

User Info: OrgeLambart

3 months ago#21
Sailor_Razor posted...
Imagine you have four stores. Each of them sells pretty much the same things, though some of them have some brands the others don't, whatever. So for three of the stores, you go in and try to buy a bag of chips, but the cashier says "If you don't pay a subscription to this store, I'm going to open this bag of chips and take half of them out before you can walk out with it.". It's already a complete bag of chips, but they're basically telling you "Pay extra or you don't get everything you're already paying for.". And hell, for some brands they'll dump out all the chips and just give you the empty bag for full price even though it's effectively worthless now.

Meanwhile the fourth store just gives you the complete f***ing bag for the price they ask without ransoming half of them behind a subscription.

It would be totally unacceptable to sell half a product unless the customer pays a subscription like that in any other case, so why's it okay with video games?

don't you know, those console makers are putting up the cash so that you can half dedicated serviers.. oh wait no they aren't, most are P2P..

well then surely the upcost to let people connect P2P must be worth the cost...
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

3 months ago#22
I think it's more like three of the stores charging extra to use your credit card or something.
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User Info: Sailor_Razor

3 months ago#23
I don't see it as that because it's quite literally walling off content (removing some of the chips) that's already there unless you pay an extra fee for it.

It's been said before that you can play Rocket League from a PC with Xbox and Switch (but not PS4) players, but that just highlights the inequality and how console players are being conned even more. You're playing with the same pool of people, but some of them have had to pay more to do so than others for the exact same thing. Hell, if you hook your computer up to a TV and use a controller, then there's basically no difference at all starting from when you boot the game.

Part of my motivation is selfish, yeah, but I also hate how people just let themselves be taken advantage of because it's easier than actually putting up a fight for fair treatment.

User Info: Skidare

3 months ago#24
I don't have a problem with paid online if the service is legitimately better than the free offerings.

Xbox Live was worth it back in the day. Fast and stable connections. Secure servers. Advanced features like party chat. High activity. Changeable usernames. Online not riddled with modders like the PC has.

The subsequent services that have charged have fell below the mark.

PSN's PS+ games library has been much weaker every since they put online behind the paywall, they never achieved the quickness and stability of XBL servers, you still can't change your username, they generally just play catch-up to Xbox Live. Their justification for charging is basically just "well Xbox did it and now we're more popular than Xbox so we can do it too."

And Switch online is just relatively trash. No native voice chat, no media apps, no achievements, no ethernet connectivity... And yet you still have to pay for it? What the f***?
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User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
3 months ago#25
Alternately I'm on PSN+ and it's like walking into a store and getting over £100 of free stuff a month.
"Everything popular is wrong." - Oscar Wilde
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  3. I see paywalled online play on consoles as basically this.

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