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I see paywalled online play on consoles as basically this.

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  3. I see paywalled online play on consoles as basically this.

User Info: Sailor_Razor

3 months ago#1
Imagine you have four stores. Each of them sells pretty much the same things, though some of them have some brands the others don't, whatever. So for three of the stores, you go in and try to buy a bag of chips, but the cashier says "If you don't pay a subscription to this store, I'm going to open this bag of chips and take half of them out before you can walk out with it.". It's already a complete bag of chips, but they're basically telling you "Pay extra or you don't get everything you're already paying for.". And hell, for some brands they'll dump out all the chips and just give you the empty bag for full price even though it's effectively worthless now.

Meanwhile the fourth store just gives you the complete f***ing bag for the price they ask without ransoming half of them behind a subscription.

It would be totally unacceptable to sell half a product unless the customer pays a subscription like that in any other case, so why's it okay with video games?

User Info: SinisterSlay

3 months ago#2
Someone has to pay for network interface cards.
To bad the money doesn't go to servers.
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User Info: LazyyAmerican

3 months ago#3
Because they can and people pay.
You've got ten minutes. There's policies even your section have to follow
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User Info: Sir_Haxor

3 months ago#4
Sailor_Razor posted...
so why's it okay with video games?

Because gamers are dips***s and many of them are kids/teens/basement dwellers who don't buy their own games anyway.
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User Info: ClunkerSlim

3 months ago#5
*Quickly hides Sam’s Club membership.*

User Info: Sailor_Razor

3 months ago#6
ClunkerSlim posted...
*Quickly hides Sam’s Club membership.*

That's different because of two reasons.

1 - That's basically "Either you have the membership and you can shop here, or you don't and you can't.". They're not saying "Pay up the membership or we're taking away half of most of everything you buy.".

2 - Food is kind of mandatory. You can get out of paying the console ransom by not buying the console and you'll live. Go without food, and you won't last particularly long. If you figure you can save on something you were going to get anyway by buying in bulk at Sam's Club, then power to you.

Actually, the second post made me think of a better way to put it. For Sam's Club, the membership comes first and the goods come second. For consoles, the goods come first and the subscription comes second. Which is shady as f***.

User Info: Sailor_Razor

3 months ago#7
And not that anyone asked, but subscriptions like Netflix or Crunchyroll are fine because they're completely self contained. With Xbox Live Gold or PSN+, you have, by definition, already purchased a four-to-five-hundred dollar console on top of paying for each individual game on that console before the subscription comes into play. It's essentially a tax to use things you've already bought to their fullest. Pretty much on-disc DLC, really.

That said, Netflix runs on basically anything. You don't buy an expensive piece of proprietary hardware under the pretense that it will run Netflix, you can do it on most of anything that you've already got. Likewise, yeah, Crunchyroll has free stuff and a subscription for the rest, but you can get that free stuff on the computer that you already have.

Basically, I find it particularly s***ty to expect people to pay more for things they've already paid for. The transaction should be done by then, saying "we're going to hold online components for ransom, pay up or you can't use them even though they're already complete" is just corporate greed.

Damned complacency.

User Info: AsucaHayashi

3 months ago#8
Sailor_Razor posted...

i use the argument "imagine if you needed a netflix box/hulu player/spotify walkman" all the time to illustrate the idiocy.

User Info: Terribletruth69

3 months ago#9
This is basically why I haven't paid for gold or ps+ in years. I work full time and have the cash to pay for them, but not interested in paying for them.

It's almost like a free to play model but worse. instead of in game purchases you have to pay for a subscription but at least free to play are free.

With games like destiny, you have to pay $60 then pay $60 per year just to play the game.

Back to the Netflix example, imagine if Netflix required you to pay $60 upfront but kept the $9 monthly. Then periodic updates that required a new $60. People would riot lol.

User Info: Damaged7

3 months ago#10
They provide an online service, much like any other service out there. You can either pay to use that service or not. Its not anything like a grocery store taking half your food. It would be like you buying food, but having the option of paying more to have them carried out to your car.
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  3. I see paywalled online play on consoles as basically this.

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