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I can still see jaggies on 4k

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User Info: burn420247

3 months ago#21
KillerTruffle posted...
I'm curious how close the TC is sitting to that 55" screen. At "normal" viewing distance of 5-10 feet for that size screen, he shouldn't be able to see any individual pixel detail that clearly. Assuming he has normal 20/20 vision, a true 4k 55" screen would look ideal at around 40" - closer, and you more easily see individual pixels. Farther, and you begin to lose detail at the smallest level. You could still pull back a bit farther than 40" and be fine as things blur together a little bit more without too much loss of detail.

If he's sitting like 3 feet from the screen though, of course he's going to be seeing jaggies/pixels still, because he's significantly closer than the ideal viewing distance. This would be compounded if he has better than 20/20 vision too...

There's also the potential issue that some games may not actually render everything at 4k, so it *could* be game-related, rather than display resolution-related.

you do realize that 3 feet translates into 36", and that number is only 4" closer to the "ideal" range of 40"? not a significant change up from personal experience IMHO.

2 feet and closer, yeah id say u can see jaggies.
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User Info: FL81

3 months ago#22
Higher resolution ≠ Anti-aliasing
The cranky hermit 3 months ago#23
Killah Priest posted...
Your need retina quality

why not just say better pixel density vs some bulls*** apple marketing term?

And you don't even need better pixel density. Supersampling will eliminate jaggies just as effectively as having more physical pixels will.
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User Info: KillerTruffle

3 months ago#24
FL81 posted...
Higher resolution ≠ Anti-aliasing

True, but higher resolution = reduced *need* for anti-aliasing, to the point that an angled line of pixels can appear as a smooth line with zero anti-aliasing.

Or if you really want to get pedantic, you could argue that resolution has absolutely nothing to do with aliasing at all in any way, since that's a factor of pixel density. You could have a 1000k screen, but if it's 3 miles wide and 1.5 miles tall, you're going to have aliasing - you'd only have around 5 pixels per inch on a screen that big. The smaller the physical area of the screen, the lower resolution is required to reduce/eliminate aliasing without need for AA.

burn420247 posted...
ou do realize that 3 feet translates into 36", and that number is only 4" closer to the "ideal" range of 40"?

Yep... and it's pretty remarkable what a difference a couple of inches can make sometimes in how clearly visible something is. Everything I provided is just based on pure math, based on the idea that someone with 20/20 vision can distinguish details down to approximately the size of 1 arc-second. And at 40" (well, just a fraction over that), one single pixel on a 55" 4k screen would be right at 1 arc-second. Farther away, individual pixels' angular size becomes smaller than that, and harder to differentiate.

I seriously can't imagine sitting only 3' from a 55" screen though. Hell, I have a 46" TV at home, and 3' from THAT even feels too close.
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User Info: Cruzader619

3 months ago#25
SinisterSlay posted...
Also worth mentioning that some game elements render at a lower resolution. Often shadows and reflections. Sometimes particle effects and light effects. So what did you see aliasing on?

some parts of distant buildings and side of roads on GTA V
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