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windows firewall is junk

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User Info: gideond

3 months ago#31
I get where you are coming from, but I fail to understand how you think these users that don't understand how to use the Windows Firewall are going to have it any easier using a more interactive firewall control. These are going to be the same people that say any updates that popup they just X out of and ignore because they don't know or care if they should do them.

I'm not saying the paid apps are bad. There are free and low cost interfaces to the Windows Firewall that make it just as good as the paid firewalls though. Now if you want to get into additional features like HIPS that's a different matter entirely.

As for the router firewall, yes they are a little better than a software firewall, but only at exactly what they are meant to do. You do realize a router's firewall behaves almost exactly like Windows firewall, i.e. blocking incoming connections unless you port forward (just as difficult for the uninformed as software firewall rules) and not blocking outgoing connection? Blocking outgoing connections is only really useful to limit the damage that can be done if your system is already compromised. Outbound filtering is a real hassle, but it can be used to prevent infections from "phoning home" so to speak. If you have a clean system with software you trust, outbound filtering does nothing most of the time.

User Info: 32x2z

3 months ago#32
Orestes417 posted...
Ease of use is a feature yes and a valid reason for preferring other firewalls. Lack of desire to read the manual however is not a valid reason to consider a product crap.

Not everyone has time to read a manual on firewalls when programs have been designed to eliminate that factor and are free to access online. Who on this god forsaken planet is going to read the manual to windows firewall when you can download a free firewall that's easier to use? I'm not saying that firewall is better either, people see what they want to see, they're not interested in the actual product. If something is easier to use, people think it's better. Apple made a killing off this concept with their iphones in the late 2000's. I understand what your saying when it comes to "you not reading the manual, does not make a product bad" (I agree) however if people just don't want the product because of the difficulty, does that not make it bad? I personally think so but that's because sales determine a products value to many people.

Overall I'll agree to nothing being wrong inherently with windows firewall itself, but the ease of use is the determining factor to the opinion of the majority. Yes it may not be crap, but if it's difficult to manage, it's crap to anyone who doesn't have the time to learn.
OK so your saying it tried to use a blocked port, got blocked, and switched to an unblocked port while waiting for the user to respond? - Why I love Gfaqs.

User Info: Renraku_San

3 months ago#33
32x2z posted...
gideond posted...
32x2z posted...
SinisterSlay posted...
Orestes417 posted...
Jesus christ you're dense. The fact some traffic is allowed does not mean all traffic is. It's asking you about the traffic that's being blocked. You claim to be a software engineer for f***s sake, how do you not know this? It's sub basic. Yeah your program may be working but that doesn't mean that incoming traffic for that program isn't blocked on other ports it uses.

OK so your saying it tried to use a blocked port, got blocked, and switched to an unblocked port while waiting for the user to respond?

This conversation is 10/10 roflmao. This is hilarious. Windows firewall is junk, it's nice that it's included, but it's junk. It was junk in XP and it's junk windows 10.

Yeah it's really not. A firewall is not a complicated piece of software. Everyone saying it's junk probably doesn't realize the vast majority of aftermarket firewall programs are just UIs for the Windows Firewall. The thing WF is not good at is interfacing with the user. Like everything else Windows related, Microsoft assumes (often rightly so) that the user is an idiot and should not be relied on to make decisions about that is allowed in and out of the PC. Thus no interactive user interface. Install something like Windows Firewall Control and you've added the interactive component to it. Problem solved. Make your rules on the fly as needed.

When you go from using a paid for firewall like bitdefender, to windows firewall, you notice a difference in quality. The firewalls I've used in the past asked me to turn off windows firewall because it would interfere. Windows firewall is good for free, but is junk compared to hardware firewalls or even bitdefender. A good router solves all of these issues, but the fact a hardware firewall from a router is needed in the first place, shows how piss poor windows firewall really is.

Who the f*** needs a hardware firewall for their house? Do you? Are you running like 1000 machines or something? Hilarious.

Ease of use doesn't get any simpler with the built-in firewall. It will literally do what you tell it to. There is nothing more complex about it compared to a standard Cisco firewall config.
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