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Software to organize files with tags?

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User Info: Recycled

5 months ago#21
It's mostly .webm's that intersect multiple topics, that's why it's hard to categorize them in a tree structure (like files & sub-folders).

I probably had tens of thousands of pictures at one point but I got rid of 90+% of pictures since then, they were made obsolete by better formats, better scenes and because I grew a taste against badly drawn hentai.

I sort of apply a 'fitness' and 'selection' criteria to my porn collection (my 'population'), I actually delete the material that isn't as good or interesting, so I tend to leave like 20 files of a single topic to have stuff to work with, but I start cutting heavily when it passes over 100 files.

Anymore questions?

User Info: gideond

5 months ago#22
I just cleaned out some old storage containers and found some hentai on zip disks. Now I'm really curious what I thought was so good to archive it on massively expensive (at the time) 100MB zip disks. Not even sure if there is a working zip drive in my parts pile anymore. Memories...

User Info: wizardmon

5 months ago#23
Why don't you just download some booru software and run it on your pc to create a offline personal booru.
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User Info: HydroCannabinol

5 months ago#24
I love whackin it as much as the next guy but you take it too far.
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