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Who are origin pc and xotic pc?

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User Info: shamfuru

3 months ago#11
vlado_e posted...
shamfuru posted...
Everytime I want to speak about a new topic, I make a new topic.

But it's pretty much the same topic. You first asked for PC recommendations. Then for opinions on specific PCs which, in light of the previous topic, wasn't completely new. Then you ask about eCollegePC - again, in light of the previous two, it's just a continuation of the theme of "is it OK to buy from there". Now we have the same thing but other companies instead of eCollegePC.

The topics are about you shopping for a computer, they aren't really "different".

Yet I cannot change thread titles, and there is no option in thread creation to make you people actually read my posts or respond on topic.

I have to make the process as easy for you as I possibly can as basic reading comprehension or decency is not to be found here.
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