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Is it worth upgrading my GTX 970 graphics card?

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User Info: Samaellives91

7 months ago#1
I recently acquired a bit of money and decided to upgrade some of my PC, namely the graphics card and the fans. I was thinking of going all the way with a GTX 1080.
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User Info: sfcalimari

7 months ago#2
Depends if you want to play at resolutions over 1080p I guess. The only recent game I've found that really made my 970 struggle at 1080p was Nioh, I guess because it isn't optimized well. I love Nioh so I got a 1070 which made it run much better. I bought it just before gpu prices went crazy, I wouldn't have bothered with current prices.
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User Info: Powertranz

7 months ago#3
Get a GTX 1070 ti instead, it's almost on par with the GTX 1080. I personally upgraded my sli GTX 760's to a GTX 1070 but I regret not waiting a little and getting a GTX 1080 or a GTX 1070 ti instead.
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User Info: thegreatandrewm

7 months ago#4
1080ti is like 50$ more over regular 1080 trust me get the ti

Nevermind just looked ti is 300$ more now
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User Info: DahlVaughnni

7 months ago#5
Not a good time to upgrade a gpu, especially if it isn't necessary. I'd say tuck it away until end of 2018 when we have (hopefully) the 1100/2000 series and preferably a mining specific card to segregate the market.
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