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For those who are still gaming at 1080p 60Hz

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User Info: CursedPanther

6 months ago#1
Decisions, decisions, decisions... - Results (225 votes)
Stick to 1080p but upgrade to a 120+ Hz screen, maybe a 21:9 ultrawide while I'm at it
12.89% (29 votes)
Upgrade to 1440p but remain at 60Hz cuz I don't play competitive FPS
12.44% (28 votes)
Upgrade to 1440p/144Hz cuz CSGO IS LIFE!
16.44% (37 votes)
Upgrade straight to 2160p/60Hz cuz resolution is king!
8.89% (20 votes)
Wait for the 2160p/120+ Hz screens, I'm patient like that
7.56% (17 votes)
Meh, I'll wait for the 4320p screens, 4K will be old news soon
1.33% (3 votes)
I'm that very odd duck who will buy a 5K screen...wait 5120 x 2880 actually exists?!
1.78% (4 votes)
I'm dead broke so I'm sticking to my current monitor till the day it fails
38.67% (87 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Forget about the driven-up hardware prices for a second, what is your planned upgrade path in the near future for your display?

User Info: ryouma17

6 months ago#2
1080p 60Hz still looks good to me, iam sure 4k looks amazing but iam a simple man with simple tastes i could buy a 4k monitor if i wanted but whats the point my 1080p monitor still works perfectly fine, if and when my current monitor ever goes out i might think about upgrading to a higher resolution but right now its good enough as it is

User Info: wantfastcars

6 months ago#3
I'll be building in six months to a year, so hopefully some high-refresh 4K displays are in the wild by that point.
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User Info: maybecalls

6 months ago#4
I'm not 'dead broke', but I will keep using this 1080p 60Hz monitor until it conks out. I'm still in awe of it's picture quality tbh! My previous monitor was a 1280 x 1024 5:4 screen, and I only replaced that in 2013 because it conked out.

User Info: threedown

6 months ago#5
1080p 60hz is fine for me.
I'll probably get 4k whenever my current one breaks. I can afford it now, just seems like a waste of money since I'm happy with my current setup.

User Info: wei-pai

6 months ago#6
1440p is underrated, you get better framerates and awesome res. Not to mention you can't find good 4k monitors, most of them are s***.
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User Info: Lugoves

6 months ago#7
Currently debating on pulling the trigger on moving up to 1440p. Got my eye on that ASUS 279Q g sync monitor.

Just not sure how performance would be. Currently I can max every game out with all bells and whistles at 1080p and maintain 60 fps. I kind of like that but I'd also like to experience some fast ass high fps rates too lol.
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User Info: gideond

6 months ago#8
I'm on a GTX970 and a 24" 1080p monitor. Still works fine for everything I've thrown at it. Next gen NVIDIA I'll think about upgrading. Then I'll have to decide if I want to go 1440/144 or look at 4K. 4K seems to have some issues from an actual usability standpoint unless you get a fairly large screen. This needs to be for more than just gaming. 1440/144 may be the sweet spot for me and I can likely get by with an 1170 for that.

User Info: Orestes417

6 months ago#9
I'll worry about 4k when I can do 21:9 at 120+ fps at max settings. Until then I'll be fine as I am atm.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

6 months ago#10
I recently went from 1080-60 to 3440x1440-100-gsync. It was a massive upgrade, especially for Eve.
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