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So can most of you afford to continue being PC gamers?

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User Info: captsplatter_1

4 months ago#61
I do have a 1080 (non ti) perfect for 1440p gaming. But the tax refund, its going to be when I have to upgrade in the future. Have to think ahead.
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User Info: kbe2k2

4 months ago#62
Afford? Yes, willing to? No

User Info: untamed_squall

4 months ago#63
I mean I wish I had the resources to build the beefiest computer I could. But currently, I'm more than happy playing in 1080p low/medium. The games releasing today look pretty amazing with everything turned down anyway.

User Info: Boge

4 months ago#64
I can afford it. I'm not real sure if I want to though.
With deeper knowledge and experience, everything becomes more shallow.

User Info: no2morro

4 months ago#65
The rig is tax deductable for work. Even if it wasn't, sure. The cost of games is that much cheaper, I'm actually in front on PC. Sold the XBone and the PS4 because I wasn't using them. Still rocking the PS3 and 360 though. PC gaming isn't that expensive.

Trying getting set up with PSVR, and all the extra kit of that. You are easily looking at $1000+ in Australia. For Oculus and a Decent rig, you can do it for around $1700. Sure it's more, but when you remove 30% for tax (claimable for work) end up with a better set up and its not that much more. I'll take PC gaming any day over consoles now.
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

4 months ago#66
I don't really care about playing the latest games anyway, especially since they're so rarely any good.
a quad core i7 was just a rebranded celeron -Pengu1n
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User Info: Monopoman

4 months ago#67
Even if the price hikes last for another 3+ years at that point a lot of the GPU makers will increase production to meet demand. The only reason prices are so high is because people keep buying 20-30 cards at once. Either that or they will make it so you can only buy 2-3 cards over a certain period of time.
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User Info: Jason_Hudson

4 months ago#68
It's ok, if I ever need to buy a second house, I have two 980s in the cupboard that I'm sure will sell well.

In any case, I probably won't upgrade until the 1180Ti, if that. Maybe 1280Ti, it all depends.
i7 4790k@4.6GHz | EVGA 1080 FTW | 16GB RAM | 1440p@144hz - GLORIOUS PC MASTER RACE!

User Info: Okikurmi

4 months ago#69
My 970 is still doing the job just fine. Tremble...before me... greatness... I shall ascend to the heavens...

User Info: Ruppe21

4 months ago#70
I bought my pc 5 years ago when I got lucky with some money.
I was never able to afford pc gaming and I sure as hell can't afford it now, I'm just hoping everyday my pc doesn't kick the bucket because if it does I don't know what I'll do for entertainment.
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  3. So can most of you afford to continue being PC gamers?

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