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GPU died last night, looking for advice on replacement.

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User Info: thedeadman568

3 months ago#21
I definitely can't wait until summer. I guess I'll bite the bullet and get a 1060 at a mark-up.

User Info: darklink1017

3 months ago#22
I would just try and find a gtx 970 or 980 for 150-200 bucks right now tbh. They aren't great with crypto.

check /r/hardwareswap

User Info: TheRaging

3 months ago#23
thedeadman568 posted...
My old GPU was an R9 390. I'm looking for something close in performance, ideally as cheap as possible.

Any recommendations?

Not under warranty?
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User Info: bigslim816

3 months ago#24
Bad timing. Same thing happened to my 390 last month or late Nov. Thankfully right before the microcenter ext warranty lapsed. I went and got my money back and decided not to grab a 1070 or 1080 then. Bad decision on my part. Now microcenter is wiped out of everything 1060 or better. I still have my old 270x but I should have just gotten a new one when I had the chance.
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User Info: BrokenMachine85

3 months ago#25
Buy a second hand 980Ti.
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  3. GPU died last night, looking for advice on replacement.

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