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Cant buy Alan Wake from Steam ?

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User Info: Zangato

6 months ago#1
Anyone knows why Alan Wake is gone from steam? I mean its not even that old. Is there a reason for purchase be removed ?

User Info: Born Lucky

Born Lucky
6 months ago#2
I have no idea .

All I know is, I've got at least 10 games on Steam that they don't even sell anymore, and they never give an explanation.

Like Grid, NWN 2, and a bunch of others.

I just checked my library. Since I already own it , I can still buy the DLC, but no one can buy the game that doesn't already have it.

Very odd.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

6 months ago#3
It had licensed music, David Bowie allegedly let them license it for really cheap when he was alive because he thought it sounded interesting but after he died whoever the rights to his music fell to wanted more money than it would be worth it to pay to keep the game up on digital distribution.

Before it was delisted they were practically giving it away though, check third party sites and see if anyone bought bulk keys. Shouldn't be too expensive.
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User Info: ablerider

6 months ago#4
Yep, there was a 'sunset sale" and now it's gone due to music rights, remedy probably can't afford them since the game doesn't sell so well these days and the series was basically canned by Microsoft.

You still can get American Nightmare but it isn't nearly as good.

User Info: Zangato

6 months ago#5
Oh i see, i check G2A and they have key for Alan Wake there.
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