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Masters of Orion 2: Is it too dated for today's gamer?

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User Info: bobthesnail900

6 months ago#1
Interested in a space 4x and read that this is the best. It's currently $5.99 on Steam. Might buy it. But is it too dated for today's gamer?

User Info: Supremo

6 months ago#2
depends on the gamer... Just looked this one up, from the shots and year date (1996) I'd grab it if I was into this genre.
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User Info: EtherealEidolon

6 months ago#3
While the visual presentation is dated, the mechanics still put many modern games to shame. Also, unlike a lot of older games, the UI is still pretty intuitive so it shouldn't be frustrating to play. Although, tactical combat in the very late game can be a bit of a slog with long turn times.

So yeah, I'd recommend it but maybe look at some gameplay first.
The cranky hermit 6 months ago#4
The question does not make any sense. You're assuming "today's gamer" is a stereotype that has a specific tolerance for dated gameplay, and anything that exceeds this threshhold will be intolerable. This assumption is nonsense. Some people have different tolerances than others, some will tolerate some things and not others, and a true connoisseur will *never* reject a game for being "too dated" as long as the game is good, even today.

That said, there's absolutely nothing dated about MoO2 except its graphics and other presentation aspects. But it might be too hardcore for gamers who aren't used to intense micromanagement. And it's a complicated, unforgiving game that doesn't hold your hand while you learn how to play; this is something that your typical CoD player won't tolerate, and may mistake this for being "dated." MoO2 would never find mass market success today, but it never found mass market success back in 1996 either. PC games back then usually didn't, and they didn't really try to, or need to.

Also, I actually enjoyed MoO1 more than MoO2, though the former is more "dated," but also less complicated (but still unforgiving to beginners). Both are good games, but if you're serious about the genre, I wouldn't skip the first.
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User Info: ElDudorino

6 months ago#5
Can you enjoy games with oldschool graphics or no? As EtherealEidolon said the UI is pretty intuitive so you should find it pretty easy to pick up and start playing, and it beats the hell out of stuff like Galactic Civilizations in my book. There are a few things here and there that I think could have been improved upon in MOO2 but the sequel couldn't nail the formula so this is the best we've got.

User Info: bobthesnail900

6 months ago#6
On steam the $5.99 includes Master of Orion 1 too. Neat. I think I will buy it and start with the first one. Thanks everyone.

User Info: Freelance_Wolf

6 months ago#7
IMO nothing is ever 'too dated.'

User Info: vlado_e

6 months ago#8
Freelance_Wolf posted...
IMO nothing is ever 'too dated.'

Yes, not even yo momma.
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