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Your go to brands and your most untrusted brands for PC components and acc?

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User Info: Kokuei05

6 months ago#11
Untrusted is Dell and Microsoft for the most part. The quality assurance of their accessories and devices are awful. I think the best device (series) Microsoft has released are their later model Surface 2-in-1/Hybrid tablets. Not talking about their s*** early models with gimped Windows. The Surface Hub is like the greatest thing ever during company meetings.

Dell releases some expensive as f*** laptops and they are complete garbage, ie the e7470. Microsoft's accessories fail so often and their warranty is completely awful.

Trusted is almost ever other name branded item as I never really had anything fail other than a few lower end devices.
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User Info: Edavy89

6 months ago#12
wildog2006 posted...
Used to use Logitech for pretty much everything, then when I had some keys on my keyboard die they just stopped responding to my emails asking them for support. So I'm pretty much not buying from them again.

This is incredibly unlikely.

User Info: Jason_Hudson

6 months ago#13
EVGA, ASUS, Corsair, and Logitech

I won't touch MSI or Zotac with a bargepole.
i7 4790k@4.6GHz | EVGA 1080 FTW | 16GB RAM | 1440p@144hz - GLORIOUS PC MASTER RACE!

User Info: speedforce131

6 months ago#14
Asus and Corsair are my favorite brands I buy consistently. EVGA, Sapphire and Gigabyte are favored brands too but situational.

User Info: tatsuya1221

6 months ago#15
Gonna do this by category.

Mobo: asus, asrock and gigabyte are the best, avoid foxconn like the plague.

RAM: G.skill is the best by far, most others vary in quality but G.skill is the best no question.

GPU: EVGA, XFX and msi are the best here, sapphire is good but it's warranty is hit or miss, gpu though is rarely a big problem here due to it mostly just being the cooler being added by the company that sells it, it mainly comes down to cooler quality and warranty reliability.

PSU: Seasonic, Enermax and most Antec(not earthwatts) psu's are great, corsair and evga also make good quality psu's mostly, but seasonic and enermax are generally the best for reliability.

Mice and Keyboard: not my specialty, but corsair and logitech seem to be the best at this.

Cases:Corsair, cooler master and rosewill make good cases, in general though most case makers are good if you spend more than say 40$ or equivalent on them.
One who does not learn from his mistakes, is doomed to repeat them.

User Info: Born Lucky

Born Lucky
6 months ago#16
My motherboard is a Gigabyte
My PSU is an Evga
My GPU is an MSI

All three make me very happy.
Corsair 550D/ Gigabyte Z170X Gaming3 / Vengeance 16GB DDR4 2666 / i-5 6600k / MSI Twin Frozr VI GTX 1060 / Thermaltake NiC C5

User Info: SnipeStar

6 months ago#17
evga, corsair, silverstone, asus for their mobos only

i avoid razer and mad catz lol
i7 3820 / Corsair H80i | Asus Sabertooth X79 | GTX 980Ti FTW | 16GB Corsair Vengeance LP | 1TB Samsung 850 Pro/2TB Seagate | Corsair HX1000w | Silverstone RV05

User Info: Shinkoden

6 months ago#18
I go where the price and reviews are.

CPU: I've had or have Intel and AMD, both have been good.

GPU: Nvidia and AMD with EVGA, Gigabyte (Current with a GTX 1060), MSI (current with a GTX 1070) and Powercolor with my old RX 470 I sold when the first crypto-mining craze hit. All have been good except I did have a Nvidia EVGA 7950 GT that I had to RMA 3 times before they sent a 8800GTS that lasted forever.

Motherboards: I have a MSI, and Asus boards now. Had an issue with an Asus board more recently that had to be RMAed, and I have a work PC with a MSI board that seems to have two dead ram slots, but otherwise still works.

RAM: Usually G. Skill or Crucial, but have used other brands, all have been good.

PSU: Usually EVGA but have a Seasonic in my media PC and a Corsair in another and they all are fine, even my old Rosewill from 7 years ago still works though it just sits as a backup now. I have a friend that has a EVGA 1000w 80+ Gold that he has had to RMA like 2 or 3 times now.

HDD: Either Western Digital or Seagate. I've never had one fail unless you count dropping one once on cement.

SSD: Samsung in my main PC, but also using SanDisk and they are fine. Even my old OCZ Vertex 2 which supposedly had a high fail rate lasted me 6 years until it was replaced for a larger SSD.

Monitors: Have an Acer my secondary is a Dell.

I guess the only thing I can say I'm loyal to is Logitech in the speaker area because I've had the same speakers for nearly 10 years, and plan to until they no longer work in which case I would get the modern equivalent probably from Logitech.

User Info: East West

East West
6 months ago#19
avoid: EVGA, G.Skill, Samsung (had bad product, never again)

buy: Corsair, Seagate, MSI, Antec

User Info: SnakePlisken94

6 months ago#20
msi makes crap motherboards using crap components and asus service is awful(their products are great though)
intel is crap nowadays too(toothpaste tim),seagate is crap,toshiba is crap,cheap mobos such as biostar,cheap psus,razer,anything with the " ultra gaming XXXX" brand,zotac,foxconn

evga,corsair,coolermaster,gigabyte,asrock,gskill,western digital,hitachi,samsung(ssds only),noctua,saphire,amd cpus,(and i say that owning an intel processor),silverstone,
just your typical butthurt basement dweller
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