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Your go to brands and your most untrusted brands for PC components and acc?

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User Info: TheNeckbeard

4 months ago#1
Just an opinion topic. Curious as to what people have brand loyalty to for trusted or untrusted products, from motherboards and psus to keyboards and mice what do you like or not?

For me I have grown fond of

Logitech (all my accessories are logitech)
Noctua (love their fans)

I'm wary of

Razer (every razer product I've owned has had issues their stuff is pretty, but I don't trust them)
MSI (two Mobo's died on me last year)
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User Info: loader963

4 months ago#2
I avoid Mad catz stuff. Used to avoid asrock as well but I’ll give them credit, apparently they’ve upped their game.
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User Info: weaselcannon

4 months ago#3
I'm running with:

Asus - Z270-Prime, VG248E 1080p 144Hz, GTX1070 Strix
Dell - SD2417DG 1440p 165Hz
EVGA - G2 650W 80+ Gold
Logitech - G213 Prodigy, G502
Samsung - 850 Evo/960 Pro SSDs

I've ran with these companies since I began and I've not had a hitch to date. Did have a Deathadder but found it a bit...well, razer.
i5 7600k, GTX 1070, 16Gb DDR4-3200, 256Gb SSD, 4TB HDD, W10 Pro, VG248E 144Hz, SD2417DG 165Hz

User Info: ClunkerSlim

4 months ago#4
Probably different brands for different parts. I like Logitech keyboards but I don’t want Logitech headphones. I like Asus motherboards but I’m not sold on every little usb dongle they stamp their name on.

You know what brand that I’m shocked I’ve ended up with a lot of? Hyper Fury X. It’s funny, I have no loyalty to that brand but I keep ending up with their stuff. I bought some RAM from them that feels really nice in the hand (sturdy, unlike the GSKILL that I got at the same time), I recently bought their headphones, and I’ve got a mousepad on the way because it was recommended by Amazon.

User Info: Dredj

4 months ago#5
MSI, Razer and ROCCAT.

User Info: wantfastcars

4 months ago#6
ASUS, EVGA, Corsair, and Logitech have all been good to me in the past.
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User Info: wildog2006

4 months ago#7
Used to use Logitech for pretty much everything, then when I had some keys on my keyboard die they just stopped responding to my emails asking them for support. So I'm pretty much not buying from them again.
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User Info: Retrowire

4 months ago#8
go to: MSI for GPUs, Gigabyte for Mobos, Cooler Master for case and cooling, Logitech for HID

avoid: ASrock, HP, powercolor
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User Info: 32x2z

4 months ago#9
Go to: Asus (I even have their zenfone 4 max), Corsair, EVGA, Samsung, and Razer (got my razer naga 12 button in 2014, using it right now in 2018 never had a hiccup), Coolermaster, powercolor, Gskill, xfx, pny, acer, and MSI. I've tried out a lot of brands over the decade and have grown fond of the companies listed.

Avoid: Madcatz, HP, alienware, dell, gigabyte, biostar, gateway, lenovo, visiontek.
AMD 8300 4.2ghz-8gb DDR3 1600-1050Ti 4GB-128gb SSD-2.5TB storage-40" 1080P 120hz.

User Info: thegreatandrewm

4 months ago#10
Intel and microsoft :)
I7 6700k at 800 mhz feel the speed :)
i72600k 3.4ghz x12 ,12 GB DDR3 x60,sapphire 7970,1080 ti x20,1500w power supply x6.
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