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What app games do you guys like?

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User Info: galaticcgod

3 months ago#1
I just got a new job where I’m suppose to just sit and help anyone who comes in and it’s a 12 hr shift. Was looking into app games for the 1st time. I was hoping there were some cool ones, do you guys have any suggestions?

User Info: __starsnostars

3 months ago#2
Stardew Valley is a good game featuring apples.
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User Info: SilentCaay

3 months ago#3
Nonograms Katana is one I can highly recommend if you're into nonograms/picross puzzles. It's free, there are a ton of puzzles, the interface is wonderful and there's no nagware or advertisements. There's only a button on the main page to buy the VIP version.

If My Heart Had Wings is a good visual novel if you haven't already read it on Steam. I think the pay model is a free prologue and then you have to either buy the routes individually or buy them all in a bundle. It's pretty good. It's not a straight-up "get the girl" VN but more of a laid-back slice-of-life story where you and your club members build a glider and attempt to fly it and there just happens to be a romantic plot going on alongside that. Edit: I should mention it's a kinetic novel, meaning there are no choices, minigames, etc. It's just reading. The only choice is in which route you want to read.

Nanaca Crash I haven't played on my phone but I just now noticed it in the "More From Developer" section of IMHHW and I played that a bunch way back in the day when Flash games were the hip new thing, lol. It's pretty addictive. I'll probably install that, myself.
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User Info: wantfastcars

3 months ago#4
You can buy Chrono Trigger on Android so that's my recommendation
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User Info: Bleu_Skie

3 months ago#5
FFBE is my time waster of choice. M&M Clash of heroes is second.
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