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I'm in love with PC gaming. I have 45 games and 73 (and growing) on my wishlist.

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  3. I'm in love with PC gaming. I have 45 games and 73 (and growing) on my wishlist.

User Info: lorac94

6 months ago#1
So far I've beaten 8 games, and am currently halfway through Deus Ex HR DC. I've already beaten this on PS3 back then, but on PC it's a new experience with the KB/M, better visuals, and 60FPS.

I've thought many times about buying a PS4/One/Switch/3DS again I've owned them all at least 2 times some multiple. But I just don't see the need to buy another gaming device. I have the Dell 7577 with the i5 7300HQ and 1060 6GB and all of my games have run really nice either 1080p 60FPS Medium/High, or 1080p 30FPS Ultra with ~40-60 CPU/GPU usage, and no thermal throttle w/ temps at 60-70c, like Dishonored 2. I have no problem doing both and don't mind 30 or 60 as long as it's locked. This is truly my all in one machine capable of doing everything I want w/ school, work, personal, and high quality gaming with a HUGE library. (EDIT: With the benefit of becoming more computer literate w/ software troubleshooting, etc I've learned a lot since November). Not to mention I got this for $700 thanks to a fellow gamefaq user pointing me to a sale, which I price matched with Best Buy.

There are some bad apples like AC4 and Battlefield 1 (the trial) giving me bad performance and I know it's not just my hardware cause it's the same playing on low to ultra, but there's so many games to play, I don't really care when I run into a bad port/optimized game, I just refund/ignore and move on.

And the NVIDIA freestyle effect is awesome, make Dishonored feel like a different game visually.

User Info: pipebomb_phil

6 months ago#2
Nice! Glad you're having a great time on PC.

I feel the same way about PC gaming. I only started playing PC games more frequently about 2 years ago and I don't have the desire to go back to consoles. It's so easy to game on PC these days.

I've also met some great friends in PC game communities. Communication isn't a problem in PC games because you can use any software to voice chat, in-game voice chat, or even in-game text chat which is extremely useful when other players are not using their mics or whatever.

Gaming PC is definitely an all in one entertainment machine. I am actually going to get rid of my TV this year (it's outdated anyways) because I never use it. I watch everything online anyways.
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  3. I'm in love with PC gaming. I have 45 games and 73 (and growing) on my wishlist.

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