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So what are the good VR options right now?

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User Info: wizardmon

6 months ago#21
Entry level VR
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User Info: tzuyd

6 months ago#22
Child_Adrift posted...
Can you tell me more about those? I have a mobile phone.

I don't know much but the basics. Gear VR is for Samsung phones, Daydream is for Google phones and both work by strapping the phone into the headset. Both operate much the same way, providing presumably gyro based head tracking and the familiar all-encompassing VR feeling of being in the scene, but proper controllers are optional and not many titles support them, so they're most typically used for more passive experiences, with minor control being provided by using a touchpad on the side of the headset. The headsets themselves are typically around or under $100, being that the phone is the expensive component.
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User Info: arleas

6 months ago#23
Mobile VR is the gimmick you hear people complaining about.

If you want to see a really basic taste of what it's like, get a google cardboard (super cheap) and put your phone in that... then after you see that it's neat but ultimately disappointing, forget about mobile VR and save up for the real thing.

OR If you're just dead set on wasting your money on an inferior setup, there's Riftcat/Vridge that can help turn your phone into something that can sorta play games off of steam...until it overheats and the framerate suffers.
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