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How do I get my computer to idle as low of a cpu temperature as I can?

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  3. How do I get my computer to idle as low of a cpu temperature as I can?

User Info: speedforce131

3 months ago#11
Under balanced performance profile (under Windows Power Management) it should keep your CPU downclocked when it's idle.

User Info: Bikozi

3 months ago#12
It was a physical cleaning. I took just the laptop in without the power supply nor did I give them a password. Told them to open it up as much as they could and clean it as much as possible in regards to helping the cooling performance of the laptop.

And the temperature difference I've monitored for years on this laptop and the average prior to this was a good five Celsius cooler.

User Info: mucloud

3 months ago#13
A 2013 laptop or any laptop is designed to operate at that temps do not modify the laptop or put a cooler fan under the laptop.

Your temps are fine leave it alone.
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User Info: Playsaver

3 months ago#14
You may need to check your advance power options settings and then check under Processor power management and then Minimum processor state while using battery and plugged in are set to something like 5%. When your pc is idle it should reduce the cpu to that lower state. (If your pc ever does idle.) That should get the pc to cool off when not being used. (If you have a power icon on the start bar you can get to the setting by right clicking it, then pick power options, then pick change plan settings on the plan that is active, pick change advanced power settings. A new window will pop up, locate Processor power management on it and hit the plus symbol. Do the same on Minimum processor state. If the values there aren't low change them to 5% or so.)

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

3 months ago#15
arleas posted...
DarkZV2Beta posted...
It's possible the thermal adhesive was damaged and isn't transferring the heat properly now.
If you can, take it to the place that cleaned it and explain the situation. They may bear some responsibility depending on their terms.

If the difference is only a couple of degrees they're probably just gonna roll their eyes and tell him to get bent, or they'll take it out back and do the hokey pokey with it for a few minutes to make him believe they did something (like they did last time).

Now if he was seeing idle temps in the 70°C range after cleaning then he might have a case there. For all we know, TC saw his temps on a good day and his current situation is actually normal.

It's evidence of damage to the thermal solution, which would be their responsibility. If they value repeat customers and their terms include warranting the work they do, it's not unthinkable they could take a look and confirm if the thermal solution is damaged or just misaligned, and possibly fix it.
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User Info: jhood

3 months ago#16
you can try undervolting. that should drop your cpu temps drastically.
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