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Crypto's have killed PC gaming

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User Info: Smackpwn

6 months ago#1
$900 1070's on amazon, good night sweet prince, guess ill be sticking to old MMO's that run on a toaster and emulators because f that noise
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User Info: Risa_Omomo

6 months ago#2
Smackpwn posted...
Cryptocurrency has killed PC gaming

I just bought a Bitcoin for collection purposes:

^ Owning one makes you look rich.
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User Info: geejq

6 months ago#3
Yeah, just going to get a 1080ti and mine with it while sleeping, cause the prices are gonna suck for a long while I figure.

User Info: therickmu25

6 months ago#4
I invested like $800 in Cryptos last November. That's turned into $4000 on crap coins. I used the money from the same machine that's killing the buy the overpriced card. lol

User Info: Interfusor

6 months ago#5
Crypto's what?
I am not economically viable.

User Info: Moonse

6 months ago#6
Well maybe if you had bought some crypto before the boom you could afford all the GPU you'd ever want!

I kid, it's good to tough it out instead of giving in to gouging during a squeeze but this has in no way killed PC gaming.

s***, when I was younger I was pretty psyched if my PC ran new games at all. Pop in disc, install, your GPU doesn't support Pixel Shader 2.0 well FML. TES Oblivion made me a very sad panda when that first came out and I was a poor student. PC gaming wasn't dead because I was f***ing poor, though.
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User Info: iemerg_

6 months ago#7
I agree TC this is rediculous. PC gaming is so unappealing right now because of this.

SSD's, RAM and GPU's have DOUBLED in the last year.
yet console costs are the same, shows who the real peasants are... us.
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User Info: Boge

6 months ago#8
iemerg_ posted...
shows who the real peasants are... us.

I disagree. Part of not being peasant tier is being able to afford the premium goods. PC gaming is still the premium goods.

What this does is makes more of us closer to peasant tier though.
With deeper knowledge and experience, everything becomes more shallow.

User Info: ritsuka66

6 months ago#9
was at bestbuy and there was a guy with a cart full of 1060's etc. (at least 20 cards) Now I know why.
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User Info: 1337toothbrush

6 months ago#10
Meanwhile console gamers paid $100+ for 20 year old ROM dumps on the SNES classic.
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