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It's hilarious how much a GTX 1060 6GB costs now

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User Info: FL81

6 months ago#91
Whew glad I got mine several months ago

User Info: Marikhen

6 months ago#92
zhenghan posted...
The price hike continues:

Welcome $400 GTX 1050 Ti lol:

$180 GTX 1050 Ti:
$190 GTX 1050 Ti:
$250 GTX 1050 Ti:

Also, it's worth noting that the prices listed for the cards in your picture aren't NewEgg's pricing, they're from OutletPC, a third-party seller.

Of course NewEgg's site seems to be a bit screwy at the moment since the first two cards I linked are supposed to be sold and shipped by NewEgg, but when I restrict the search to NewEgg's stock they aren't listed. Every single card listed after selecting the NewEgg radio button are out of stock, and the pricing on them stops at $200.
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User Info: Cards_and_Hats

6 months ago#94
I thought I was getting trolled until I looked it up on amazon

8GB stick of ram I paid 60 bucks for = now $100
paid $270 for my 1060 6GB = now $500 or more

what the actual f***
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User Info: Hagan

6 months ago#96
I bought my 1070 in June 2016 for $435. Still holds up great. So I ain't upgrading or trading it in any time soon.
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User Info: Teen Girl Squad

Teen Girl Squad
6 months ago#97
I got my 1060 6gigs for like $190 a few years ago. I was seriously debating holding off one gen more but decided to splurge so I could play Witcher 3. Turned out I saved at least $100 (probably more) or would be stuck with an increasingly obsolete 7850. Luck me my impulse control failed.
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User Info: captsplatter_1

6 months ago#98
Got my 1080 at MSRP. Now they go for about a grand.
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  3. It's hilarious how much a GTX 1060 6GB costs now

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