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It's hilarious how much a GTX 1060 6GB costs now

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User Info: zhenghan

7 months ago#51
Born Lucky posted...
From amazon - Look at the price of the bottom one. . . LOL

Why am i not suprised that it's the gaming X? XD. (Preferred model to mine with)
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User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
7 months ago#52
also lol yea put "gaming" in it and price increases randomly as well.

toss a few Xs in there and jack up the price too.
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User Info: Tyranius2

7 months ago#53
Wonder when the bubble will burst
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User Info: Cpt_Communism

7 months ago#54
PhilOnDez posted...
Monopoman posted...
Well you figure that the market would readjust and ramp up production, since even EVGA can sell their cards for higher and if they undercut the scalpers they will get all the buyers. I mean every other supply demand thing works like this, but in this case it seems like prices have gotten worse not better, we saw some markups around like may or june and those markups are way higher now.

The trouble is there's only a handful of companies that are equipped to manufacture GPUs and ram. Samsung is starting to ramp up ram production, that's a pretty safe bet since people will always want phones/tablets/consoles/basically every electronic device, but I'd be afraid to expand too far if I were a silicon fabricator. All it takes is a coin crashing and and not only will the demand for new stock go down but the market will be flooded with used parts which will exacerbate the issue which leaves them with a facility they just dumped a bunch of money into that's now useless.

That happened years ago, but not because mining became unprofitable. It was because GPU mining Bitcoin became obsolete and you needed specialized hardware to do it (FPGAs and then ASICs). There are many different coins to mine these days, so the mass dumping of mining GPUs might not happen again.
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User Info: Fate8

7 months ago#55
My 1080 is worth 100$ more than I paid for it...
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User Info: Meltdown1988

7 months ago#56
Member those $240 Sapphire R9 Fury cards? Yeah, lol.

Wonder what those f***ers would be going for right now, if they actually hadn't been remaining stock clearances right before the miners crawled up from the underworld.

User Info: MangaFan462

7 months ago#57
maybecalls posted...
Yeah, I'm just 'making do' with my old R9 270 until it conks out.

I imagine these high prices might put off potential new PC gamers from putting together a system. Which is all a bit sad, really.

You could probably sell that card for more than you paid for.
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User Info: SuperVegito2487

7 months ago#58
Tyranius2 posted...

I've checked the site I use to buy parts and a 6GB 1060 is currently sitting at around R$1600-1800.

That's about 500 dollars, but the markup should be waaaay higher. Usually if a card is 200 dollars, it will be R$1000+ here.

I must be missing something

@Tyranius2 must be an american thing..

Im not seeing the insantiy here in Denmark either

These are the prices im seeing.

For referenche this is the gtx 970

And i gave 2700DKK for my GTX 970.

Converted directly to USD (ignoring Inflation, Tax and the like) 2700DKK = 439,67, and the cheapest 1060 in that link i saw is closer to 355 USD

Never saw a Nintendo Switch Shortage here either.
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User Info: 1337toothbrush

7 months ago#59
On the plus side, GPUs should be very cheap when this cryptocurrency idiot bubble explodes.
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