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anyone know anything about the new crucial mx500 ssds?

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  3. anyone know anything about the new crucial mx500 ssds?

User Info: zeek778

6 months ago#1
i was about to buy a samsung 850 evo, but now i just discovered the new mx500, and the few reviews i have seen online state it being a a bit better then the 850 evo?, am i correct in this?

which ssd is better then please?

User Info: zhenghan

6 months ago#2
why not 960 evo?
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User Info: zeek778

6 months ago#3
zhenghan posted...
why not 960 evo?

the m2/nvme version of it? i would like to get that but i might be to much money that im willing to spend

also this is the mobo i have,

could it work on that?

also do you think i should get the 1tb crucial mx500 or the samgung 500gb 960 evo? the only storage i have now is a 1tb hdd with a loose sata connection so i cant move my pc much lol or the cable pops off

i mainly use my pc for games like for world of warcraft or the total war series and others

User Info: PhilOnDez

6 months ago#4
imo, m.2 isn't worth it for games. I have a 950 pro that I upgraded to from an 850 pro and I legitimately can't tell any difference. It benches about 5x as fast but in practice there's no real reduction in texture pop or load times. I'd take 1TB of Sata 3 SSD over 512 NVMe any day for my purposes.

Not sure about Total War, but in WoW SSDs are a massive upgrade from HDDs. In addition to faster load times they also massively reduce pop-in and, if it hasn't been fixed, it also prevents that thing where when you log in in a city people's clothes never load. This is a game I've experienced on both NVMe and SATA and there's little if any difference between the two because you're waiting on the server more often than you are your drive. If you run rarely run instances you might be on a load screen at 0% for 30-45 seconds while the server generates an instance only for it to shoot up to 100% instantly once the server is done.
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User Info: zeek778

6 months ago#5
thanks guys i decicded on the sata ssd, especial since i need a 1tb storage replacement for my hdd which i stated has a loose connection so if you move the pc the cable will pop off sometimes

User Info: loader963

6 months ago#6
Right move. I used to move games to my 950 evo m.2, but quit when I couldn't tell a difference to my 850 evo 2.5. . For the record I also have a Crucial mx300 ssd and I cant tell a difference compared to the 850 evo but I only use my rig for gaming.
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  3. anyone know anything about the new crucial mx500 ssds?

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