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How are you liking the games you bought in the Steam sale?

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User Info: TheFeshPince

6 months ago#21
Bought a bunch of local co-op games. Will be returning a few of them. | |

User Info: yohabroha

6 months ago#22
RUINER - already beat it once, fantastic little game, worth a NG+ playthrough soon

Prey - playing right now, it's okay but not that great honestly. have about 6 hours in it so might as well finish

Human: Fall Flat - hilarious drunk co-op game, my abs haven't hurt that bad from laughing in a long time

Throne of Lies - decent Mafia/Werewolf type game, full of gamethrowing and spamming but that's kind of the charm with those games

theHunter: Call of the Wild - haven't played yet, every weekend since the sale me or my friend that has it have been out of town.

Planet Coaster - also haven't played, haven't had a lazy Saturday/Sunday in a bit.
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User Info: Hagan

6 months ago#23
I bought Hellblade and Cuphead from this past sale. I beat Hellblade in 7 hours. Its a 'meh' game. Kind of expensive for what it is.

I haven't started Cuphead yet. I want to finish Mario before I start another game, and I have to the Shovel Knight expansions and Hollow Knight as well still.
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User Info: Voidgolem

6 months ago#24
I can't get wolfenstein 2 to actually run at the moment.

otherwise I'm enjoying them quite a bit.

User Info: fastbilly1

6 months ago#25
Divinity Original Sin 1 - 25ish hours in so far in coop, so far it has been great.

Pinball Arcade Season 5 - Beat my previous high score for Getaway that I set in college.

User Info: PhazonReborn

6 months ago#26
Shantae & the Pirates Curse - Fun 2D platformer. Im 90% finished with it.

A Hat in Time - Amazing 3D platformer that really grew on me quick. I'm excited to fully invest in this. Got a out 5 hours in it. It's very good.

Shantae Sequel - Haven't played yet

Stellaris - Havemt played yet. Intrigued.

I think that's all I bought...
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  3. How are you liking the games you bought in the Steam sale?

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