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How are you liking the games you bought in the Steam sale?

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  3. How are you liking the games you bought in the Steam sale?

User Info: bobthesnail900

7 months ago#1
I'm bored of all of them already xD

User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
7 months ago#2
wait, actually play games I got during the sale?

nah they just end up unplayed.
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User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
7 months ago#3
I don't think I bought anything that was on sale, the sale sucked.

I bought They are Billions the other day and it's pretty cool but hard as crap
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User Info: cody4783

7 months ago#4
EDF 4.1: Absolutely bonkers and a ton of fun with friends. Broke about 25 hours so far just beating the non-DLC missions on Normal with one class, and there's still so much content to go.

I Expect You To Die (VR): Pretty fun with really well done, quirky humor in a James Bond escape room parody kind of thing.

Racket NC (VR): Potentially hazardous to things in my room. But otherwise fun and has an online vs mode that was fun with a friend.

Okami HD: Never played the game previously. I have about 3 hours in it and, to be honest, it's almost TOO zen-like. In the sense running around painting squiggles on trees almost puts me to sleep. Would recommend over sleeping pills. Gameplay and world are interesting for sure, but damn it's a mellow game.

I've got a couple others I haven't started and don't have an opinion of yet. But that's what I've played so far.
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User Info: maybecalls

7 months ago#5
Expand 'Steam sale' to 'games I've bought in the last two weeks, but not all from Steam'...........

RTCW - Yet to start it. I did play it a long time ago (disc version), though. Liked it back then.
Painkiller Black Edition - Love this game. Fourth time I've bought the original!
Heroes of Steel RPG - Yet to try it.
Project Freedom - Ditto.

Tempest - Gave it a quick go. Undecided.

Templar Battleforce - 8 hours so far. It's pretty good. I always loved Rebelstar and Laser Squad, and this is reminiscent of those games. I'm going to re-start the campaign on a higher difficulty level, though. I have a better idea of how everything works now (although I admit I haven't completely sussed it out), and I'd like to replay the early missions.

User Info: pothocket

7 months ago#6
Even though I said I was done with them I bought another telltale game, Guardians of the Galaxy. Should not have wasted my time. I only played the first episode but it shows that the developer continues to get worse and worse. The engine they're using is pure garbage. It's also annoying how the game pretends to be part of the MCU even though it's not, so it's actually kinda confusing with this hybrid universe existing somewhere inbetween the comics and movies but belonging to neither. It reeks of development via marketing rather than anything that makes the game more enjoyable to play.

Also playing Thimbleweed Park and that one I'm enjoying. Nice structure to the overall gameplay and narrative, decent puzzles, memorable characters. It's doing a good job of checking off all the adventure game checkboxes and it's been a long time since i've been able to play one of these all day without getting bored.

User Info: blastoise75

7 months ago#7
Divinity 2 Developers Cut - been playing a lot

Witcher 1 - Tried it and have been meaning to play more, but distracted by other games

Fable anniversary- same as witcher

YS VI- same as witcher

Turok 1 & 2 - got refund

Divine Divinity - not as good as the others, but still fun

Hyper Light Drifter - HARD. Going to try easy mode at some point. Good though.
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User Info: anonymous46773

7 months ago#8
Haven't even installed any yet :)
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User Info: Rai_Jin

7 months ago#9
Dragon Age Origins is great.

User Info: maybecalls

7 months ago#10
Also been playing Barony, which is a roguelike first person dungeon crawler. It's a laugh.Difficult, too, but you'd expect that. It's the star deal at Fanatical atm.
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