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Desperate for a great fighter on PC

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User Info: wentzelot

3 months ago#11
Skullgirls and gg xrd rev 2. Are the best fighters on steam. Sf5 when arcade edition is released

User Info: UnderwaterAir

3 months ago#12

It doesn't get much better than this.
Hit me up if you want to 1v1. :)

User Info: Kokuei05

3 months ago#13
That dragon ball mod for counter-strike like 15 years ago.
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User Info: WhyWontHeFall

3 months ago#14
There are plenty of great fighting games on PC. In fact, all of them are good afaik.

The problem however lies in the population. Tekken 7 and SF5 average less than 2,000 in game.

Compare that to Rocket League with over 50,000 or something old like Payday 2 with around 30,000.

And who knows how much of that 2,000 are just on single player.

User Info: ColdOne666

3 months ago#15
Tekken 7
FFX is the best game of all time. The only good Nintendo franchises are Pokemon and Fire Emblem. Comics are for kids.

User Info: tslu

3 months ago#16
3d fighters
doa 5
naruto ultimate storm series
saint seiya: soldiers' soul
for honor
wwe 2k

smash like.. kinda

stick Fight: The Game
gang beast

stick with tekken if u want an active 3d fighter that wont die on the pc

User Info: pipebomb_phil

3 months ago#17
SF5 has cross-play with PS4 btw.

User Info: kobalobasileus

3 months ago#18
Megabyte Punch is a fairly close Smash ripoff, but with a great single-player/coop campaign and the ability to customize your character with body parts acquired from defeated enemies.

User Info: Tony_Biggie_Pun

3 months ago#19
Tekken 7 is exactly what you're looking for. I highly recommend. I had the same feeling as you then discovered that Tekken 7 was out for PC. Got it during a Steam sale for $25 and have thoroughly enjoyed it ever since. I have 200+ hours logged into it so far and its the only game I really play on my PC anymore

I'm not good at 2D fighters so even though its cool Street Fighter and Injustice are on PC, I haven't been able to get into them. Tekken though is just great and the online community is active so you wont have any troubles finding matches

User Info: Tony_Biggie_Pun

3 months ago#20
If you're looking for something like Raging Blast though I recommend trying Budokai Tenkaichi 3 on PCSX2
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