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what is a good "replace psu and add gpu" prebuild out right now?

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User Info: cuteboi100

3 months ago#11
Someone will definitely come to post a build soon. There are also undoubtedly many builds posted on this board already if you use the search function. Also, there are many builds available on

Or, simply go to and put in those exact parts that you listed and select the ones on sale.

But like I said, someone will be along to ask you for more information and post a build.
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User Info: pyromania86

3 months ago#12
yemmy posted...
cuteboi100 posted...
Okay, we will give you a partslist, go to a microcenter and use their assemble service for like $50. Buy a round of beer for all of us with the $500 you'll save.

I can build it, i've built HUNDREDS. I've literally just gotten like f*** it, because of how badly my carpel tunnel got from laptop repair at my job this summer.

Make me a parts list though of the specs

Im wanting,
i5 7500 or amd equivalent (don't give a damn about intel really amd has always been good for me).
12gb of ram (4 slots so I can upgrade)
non fancy case but i do need usb ports in front and back. I need an optical slot.
mini atx mobo preferred but if it is full idc
1050ti or AMD equivalent
240gb ssd

I will build it my damn self. Im gonna remind you again that I don't give a f*** about the AMD equivalents if it saves me a good bit of money.

Thanks. Also I was gonna save 50 bucks by opening a line of credit with staples. Neiter were bad rigs.

I'd go minimum i5 but i7 if in budget. 16gb ram since that's where money will be saved in a pre-built right now. Optical audio might be hard to find on mini/micro mobo. 1050ti is fine, I have one in my HTPC in my living room. Gets the job done in 1080p. 1060 6gb if in budget. I'd go 500gb ssd depending on what the pre-built comes with. Finding a decent PSU will be difficult too.
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User Info: yemmy

3 months ago#13

I want something that is as cheap as possible that will do 1080 on med/high settings for the next 4-5 years

If someone makes me a build and it is a good price I will buy them a steam game when I get it built.

I'm just not sure about AMD or Nvidia or Intel really right now.
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  3. what is a good "replace psu and add gpu" prebuild out right now?

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