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Well steam, thanks...

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User Info: BearShrooms

6 months ago#91
JKatarn posted...
iemerg_ posted...
I don't care what you buy lol I don't need to prove myself to a bunch of online mouth breathers. The fact that you even question me having that shows you're a broke b**** considering none of that s*** costs a lot of money. I'm not making this thread to get pity for losing $62 in overdrafts I'm making it to tell people not to make my stupid mestake and to monitor steams slow ass services.

The thing is, 99.9% of people here WOULDN'T do that, because they take the very simple steps of actually KEEPING their money in their account(s) and MONITORING them, very simple/basic things. Surely somebody who has a mortgage, pays monthly for a boat/jetski/truck/over-priced car sound system that no doubt enrages everybody else on the road would have some basic financial literacy (which is why I seriously doubt the veracity of your claims, and you calling me a "broke b****" certainly isn't helping me buy your claims). Honestly though, I don't know why I continue to reply to this trainwreck of a thread, I must be bored. You're full of it, and you know it, that's all I'm going to say.

I've met enough wackadoo people around the world to know that this guy likely does exist. The statistical likelihood that the OP is lying is pretty high, but out there somewhere is some dude who makes an ass ton of money, buys a bunch of toys, pays for everything in cash, and hangs out on gamefaqs (or something like it) all day.

User Info: Rosencroitz

6 months ago#92
BearShrooms posted...
1) You can go negative without overdraft protection with most banks, they just don't charge you for it.

Only if it happens by mistake. Hence them not charging you for it.

BearShrooms posted...
2) Overdraft protection by design is no less predatory than payday lending. If you can afford it and pay it back then it works well. But just like payday loans, it isn't designed for people that are good with money, or have money, because those people rarely if ever need to draw their accounts negative or need payday loans.

...The fees being a fraction of the cost of payday loans make it less predatory by nature.

BearShrooms posted...
On top of that, banks intentionally manipulate processing transactions in an attempt to force an overdraft and when it's imminent will process the smallest transactions last to increase the odds of getting overdraft fees. Enjoy getting 90 dollars in overdraft fees for 3 separate $1 purchases that you made two weeks ago because they forced your one big purchase through the very same day. That's a 3000% interest loan.

This wasn't true for the bank I worked at, nor is it true at the bank my wife works at. lol conspiracy theories
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