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Need help installing my 1080ti

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User Info: Sephiroth311

6 months ago#131
As an alternative I could think about changing the motherboard?

In that video their GPU is right as the top which would allow me to have as big a PSU as I want in there and would give the GPU more room to breath. Not sure if one like that is compatible with my RAM and/or CPU though. Any recommendations?

The case is actually one of the last things I’d like to change due to my living room setup although it may not matter if I can’t find a 10m that allows HDR 60Hz
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User Info: Renraku_San

6 months ago#132
I wouldn't say Nvidia designed it for any specific form factor. It's just the size of the card that is required for its power output. If it so happens to fit in SFF case then it will, but heat might be an issue.

Doesn't matter where your 1080ti is in that case, it'll always be breathing and dumping hot air inside the case. In that video they have a blower-cooled video card, so it at least vents the air outside the case.
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User Info: Sephiroth311

6 months ago#133
It’s ok, I’ve fitted two 120mm fans to the top of the case blowing air onto the GPU. It’s getting quite toasty on the top of the case but the GPU fans aren’t working in overdrive anymore so I’m finally making progress.

I’ll see how I get on for a few weeks now, as I said I really don’t want to have to swap any more components and/or throw any more money at the problem.

The PSU is still a concern for me although I still haven’t experienced any issues. I’m going to keep shopping around for a 700/750 that will fit as I really want to stick with this case if I can. When I start looking at swapping out the CPU and MB that’s when I’ll need to rethink
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User Info: loader963

6 months ago#134
Looking at pcpartpicker, most peeps dont put hotter hardware in the phenom. Have you tried setting those top fans to blow outside the case, pulling the hot air out?

If you really wanna get another psu , check this thread out:

Theres also sfx power supplies with an ATX adapter plate.
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  3. Need help installing my 1080ti

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