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Heaphones/Headset recommendations

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User Info: kjb1992

4 months ago#1
Hi everyone I am in the market for a new pair of headphones or headset. My budget is about 50-70 dollars for a pair right now. I was planning on taking them out with me on the bus and to work so may lean towards a pair of headphones with a separate mic and a pair that folds up. I was looking for headphones at either the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x or Status Audio CB-1 and for headsets was leaning towards HyperX Cloud Stinger or if I had a little more the HyperX Cloud 2. Links below for the headphones I was looking at.

Audio Technica

Studio Audio

User Info: Renraku_San

4 months ago#2
Beats By Dre are some of the highest quality headphones on the market right now, get those.
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User Info: kjb1992

4 months ago#3

User Info: Neo1661

4 months ago#4
Hyper X Cloud II to or Hyper X Cloud Stinger.

User Info: Ghost_Turtle

4 months ago#5
I can vouch for Cloud X II. Great headset.
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User Info: wizardmon

4 months ago#6
I own both the cloud 2 and cloud stinger.

The USB soundcard included with the Cloud 2 is hot garbage. No way to adjust equalizer/bass settings and it's fairly neutral with no emphasis on either highs or lows. The headphones themselves are great though, I have them plugged into a DAC/AMP so I could boost the bass a bit which the 52mm drivers easily handle.

And I just pressed the bold button which caused my phone to delete a paragraph ffs.

The Stingers sound just as good, the microphone sounds just as good, the quality of life enhancements are good like the volume/mic-mute. The Stingers are far more comfortable too.

Get the stingers.
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User Info: kjb1992

4 months ago#7
I might grab the cloud stinger then if I can find any in stock. If I can't is there any Headphone recommendation or are the two I found decent ones. I was planning on getting a pair of Headphones now and getting a Antlion Audio ModMic to use or a desk Mic even.

User Info: kjb1992

4 months ago#8
Final bump

User Info: Xatrion

4 months ago#9
Ghost_Turtle posted...
I can vouch for Cloud X II. Great headset.

This. Love mine.
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User Info: Hmgb

4 months ago#10
Another vote for HyperX Cloud II. Got myself one of the red/black ones and my SO the white/pink ones a year or so back.
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