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PC keeps waking itself up from sleep. So annoying.

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User Info: ClunkerSlim

3 months ago#11
Hmmm... apparently this is a known issue...

Update Orchestrator Reboot
Update Orchestrator Reboot on my Windows 10 desktop keeps re-enabling itself and waking the computer at 3:00 in the morning. I used to go into Task Scheduler and change the time trigger on Reboot, and that would make it stop doing it for a month or more. Now it's re-enabling itself every other night. This is VERY irritating. Why can't I just get rid of this?

AGAIN!! Windows 10 went in all by its beloved self and reenabled the wake condition. MS, what is your problem??? Fix this stupid thing!

Monica Cam replied on October 19, 2016
Hi Ken,

To help resolve your concern with Orchestrator Reboot, you may follow the steps below:

Go to the Task Scheduler.
Double-click Task Scheduler Library.
Select and double-click Microsoft.
Select and double-click Windows.
Choose UpdateOrchestrator.
Right-click on Reboot.
Choose Properties.
Select Conditions.
Under Power options, uncheck "Wake the computer to run this task".
You may also disable all wake timers for your computer under Power options.

Let us know how it goes.

I shall try this and see what happens!

EDIT - Apparently this doesn't work anymore because Microsoft locked people out of doing it. When I try to save the changes it asks for a password for account "S-1-5-18." When I change it over to my account it says it's invalid or something.
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  3. PC keeps waking itself up from sleep. So annoying.

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