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Anyone else can't play Co-op/MP games because of the stupidity of the players?

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  3. Anyone else can't play Co-op/MP games because of the stupidity of the players?

User Info: Ultimate_Noob

2 months ago#11
Hi C posted...
Ultimate_Noob posted...
Refer to the Greater Internet f***wad Theory:
Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total f***wad

That assumes those people are "normal" in real life. Which they aren't. They are just too big of a coward to act like that when they know they could end up getting the s*** stomped out of them, fired, sued, or shot.

I'd consider having inhibitions in real life to be "normal." Mental issues are only issues if they interfere with your daily life.
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User Info: stabito

2 months ago#12
i dont mind playing with stupid or bad people what i absolutely can not stand is playing with people who treat playing games like its a life or death situation. if you are going to take the game that serious then thats fine but group up with like minded people but dont scream and cry when you get matched up with randoms who troll or is bad or is completely stupid.
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User Info: Orestes417

2 months ago#13
I look at it this way, if you're bad that's one thing but if you're not trying 100 percent to win in a team based game you're an a****** who should not have queued.
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User Info: JKatarn

2 months ago#14
Ultimate_Noob posted...
Refer to the Greater Internet f***wad Theory:
Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total f***wad

Although there are uncommon outliers who are Total f***wards no matter what circumstance, if there's an inconsequential environment then many people will typically act without consequence. You could also argue it's a mindset which bleeds in from singleplayer experiences, such as how we rob houses in RPG's for extra items or choose certain options simply for better rewards; doing stuff without regard to anything but your own benefits/enjoyment, because there's no need to consider someone else.

I think that's being a bit generous, it's more like:

Socially/Mentally frustrated person + Anonymity + Audience = Total f***wad - I know plenty of normal, well adjusted people and none of them act like ass***s online strictly because of anonymity. It's typically the people who are frustrated with their real life/insecure that act like asses/boast online.
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User Info: wildog2006

2 months ago#15
If you only play free games or on free weekends, you're only going to be playing with other people doing the exact same thing. Of course games are going to be flooded with bad players during free weekends. Hell, you're one of them if that's your only experience with them.
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User Info: jake-sf

2 months ago#16
Thats why I'm sick of small scale multiplayer games.

I never had to give a s*** about having stupid teammates in a 40 player match. It just evened itself out more.
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User Info: OptimusRekt

2 months ago#17
Free trials are your problem.

If you only play free games or on free weekends,

I don't see the problem here. I have played multiplayer games for longer time periods, Battlefield Hardline, PvZ Garden Warfare, Combat Arms, Fat Princess,I have played these and other games for 30+ hours online. I enjoyed them for some reason yet these other games feel like they just had an overall worse community. I played Quake Champions in closed beta and Battlefront I in open beta, but of course there are other games in those series and most of the people who were playing them seemed to have played the first game. Neither of those games even gave me a basic tutorial on what to do. And your arguments don't even make sense in the degree that the people that are giving me and others trouble are people who've bought the game and don't want to play with new players. The new players that are with me are the only saving grace of playing free weekends really, otherwise there would be very few people to play with.

And I've still had problems with people yelling at me on games where I outnumber their own hours on the game. Some people just want to be bossy. You give people the ability to kick people or yell at people and boy do they abuse the living hell of it sometimes. It's not like I'm afking being a complete useless mess, I'm just trying to play the game and these people just don't think I'm playing it the right way or I should know everything about the game before I play it, so meh, screw them.

Edit: I played Heroes of the Storm for well over 50 hours btw and still found mean people on VS AI for god's sake on a weekly basis. I wasn't "grouping up to finish the game as fast as possible" when I/others wanted to gain xp, so that ruined all the fun out of that mode for me. I just quit the game overall due to that kind of stuff. Overwatch is just stupid in the fact you spend 5 minutes or more (for me anyway) to queue into a match just to have an inept team. Chivalry Medieval Warfare is just a game with way too much of a learning curve with the basic tutorial barely giving you a chance versus real players abusing the hell out of glitches (at the time). Same with Fat Princess, I used to play legit only, and every game some guy would come in and use a glitch that would give them 2x the attacks in comparison to me. It became so bad I couldn't find anyone else to play with and just quit. I didn't want to glitch to win.
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