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Anyone else can't play Co-op/MP games because of the stupidity of the players?

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  3. Anyone else can't play Co-op/MP games because of the stupidity of the players?

User Info: OptimusRekt

7 months ago#1
It doesn't seem to matter what co-op or multiplayer game I ever try, be it Killing Floor 2's free weekend or Rocket League's free weekend or Heroes of the Storm or Chivalry Medieval Warfare or Quake Champions or the Battlefront II open beta or Overwatch's numerous free weekends among other games, I just can't seem to ever find people that aren't mouth-breathing imbeciles. Is it because of the fact that these games bring out the worst in people or is it just because people have got so much worse over the years that good or intelligent people just don't exist on them anymore? Whether it be people vote kicking you for something stupid like a low level or them wanting a friend of theirs to join (make a private game then idiots) or swearing at you for not doing something they want you to do then throwing a match or just being an overall idiot and mean person to everyone, what purpose do any of you have for even wanting to play these games?

At least on a single player game you don't get kicked out before you can play :( Or swore at for being new or lousy at the game. Or if you leave a review for any of these issues or other problems you get chewed out because you didn't know something others who've played 300 hours only know. Heck, some games that come out now don't even have a training or single player mode to even figure out the buttons beforehand. I don't know, maybe this is just venting for all the years of frustration I've had at the actions of others.

Feel free to vent your frustrations also :) If you don't want to read my reply, just answer the topic question.
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User Info: JKatarn

7 months ago#2
Any reasonably popular MP-centric game is going to have its fair share of a******s/imbeciles/socially maladjusted shut-ins, with the odd decent person. That's why I only play MP games partied with friends, and we typically play co-op vs. AI. These games are practically a beacon, drawing socially frustrated mouth-breathers to take out their frustrations on random people anonymously (much like GameFAQs itself).
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User Info: farigonti

7 months ago#3
I only co-op with rl friends.

So try rl friends?

User Info: Orestes417

7 months ago#4
Wouldn't be so bad if imbeciles hadn't pushed MP gaming into the "matchmaking everywhere" direction. What they need to prioritize in matchmaking isn't "skill" but player disposition. That way us "toxic" hyper competitive a******s could quite happily keep getting matched to others of similar disposition and the slack jawed daffodils could stay on their side of the line and we'd all have a much, much better experience for it.
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User Info: Ultimate_Noob

7 months ago#5
Refer to the Greater Internet f***wad Theory:
Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total f***wad

Although there are uncommon outliers who are Total f***wards no matter what circumstance, if there's an inconsequential environment then many people will typically act without consequence. You could also argue it's a mindset which bleeds in from singleplayer experiences, such as how we rob houses in RPG's for extra items or choose certain options simply for better rewards; doing stuff without regard to anything but your own benefits/enjoyment, because there's no need to consider someone else.
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User Info: kobalobasileus

7 months ago#6
JKatarn posted...
That's why I only play MP games partied with friends, and we typically play co-op vs. AI.

I do this too... but I'm still frustrated by any game that requires actual teamwork. My friends suck.

User Info: Hi C

Hi C
7 months ago#7
Ultimate_Noob posted...
Refer to the Greater Internet f***wad Theory:
Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total f***wad

That assumes those people are "normal" in real life. Which they aren't. They are just too big of a coward to act like that when they know they could end up getting the s*** stomped out of them, fired, sued, or shot.
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User Info: nominturddaddy

7 months ago#8
I play WoW and carry bads to kills because Blizz has nerfed it so that bads can be carried to kills more often (which is better than being unable to carry and not getting any kills for your sub time). Then they get mad at me for being so good.


When I play coop games with friends that play like actual games and not "feed me content that has been blended chewed and spit into my mouth then you cover my nose until I swallow from no choice" they end up ragequitting over things that don't bother me and I end up having to beat it solo anyway.
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User Info: Boge

7 months ago#9
I can't play with strangers. They're too stupid and selfish. I'm sure some of it is just miscommunication, but a lot of is is stupidity and selfishness.

Rocket League for instance. Players run away from the goal on the tipoff. If you're in the back, you have to protect that first shot at least. Running off to get boost on the tipoff can often lead to an erratic goal. Ball chasers also screw everything up. People don't space the field and make plays for others because they just want to be the MVP. Do you even get anything for being the MVP? Some people hit the ball sideways or backwards when I have a straight forward smash on the ball!! So frustrating. I would only play against AI, but I'm too good for the AI now. I wish they'd make higher difficulties.

MMOs aren't even coop anymore. It's all about being the high man on damage meters and showing off your gear. I don't even play them anymore.

Why do they always show a scoreboard at the end of a cooperative game? That turns it competitive.
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User Info: johnny_pay

7 months ago#10
Free trials are your problem. When ever you play a free trial so are thousands of other people. They will have no experience in the game and go f*** it, don't need to be good as I'm never going to get into it. Some games are just always terrible, like overwatch for example, people come back for the first few weeks of a season, hit a season high and then stop, leaving the "pro" genji/hanzo/widow mains.
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  3. Anyone else can't play Co-op/MP games because of the stupidity of the players?

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