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Nonviolent games

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User Info: bobthesnail900

2 months ago#1
What are some good nonviolent games on steam? The only ones I can think of are the truck simulator games which are some of my favorites. Thank you ^_^

User Info: SinisterSlay

2 months ago#2
What do you consider violent? Where are you drawing the line? Is killing monsters in a 2d world violent?
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User Info: ElDudorino

2 months ago#3
Planet Coaster

User Info: yars

2 months ago#4
stardew valley
basically any walking sim like gone home
any puzzle game
any racing and most sports games
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User Info: bobthesnail900

2 months ago#5
SinisterSlay posted...
What do you consider violent? Where are you drawing the line? Is killing monsters in a 2d world violent?

Yes. I am looking for games with absolutely no violence. Stardew Valley is violent for example cause you kill monsters in the cave (although that might be optional to progress in the game; i don't remember). Thanks for the suggestions so far btw.

User Info: vlado_e

2 months ago#6
Game Dev Tycoon - you start off as a single person developing games in your garage and can grow to create your own studio and even make some highly profitable MMO or even a game distribution platform

Gremlins, Inc. - it's a board game but it makes use of the fact it's also a video game, so you can do stuff that would normally take too much tracking in a typical board game. You play as gremlins that are going around a board and there are multiple win conditions that you can try to get to. The closest board games I can describe it as is Cluedo, since you mostly just go around and Monopoly, since there are events and some resources you can get like money.

I am Bread - essentially QWOP but with in 3D space and you control a piece of toast. It's amusing.

Little Inferno - you...burn stuff. That's mostly it. Depending on what you burn and especially combinations, you get points, so you can order more items to burn.

Melody's Escape - it's a rhythm runner game. I'm not really into any of those genres but I really into this one - you can import your own songs and it will generate a level based on those. Since I am bad at it anyway, I play on the lowest difficulty. It's a very good way to relax and listen to some tunes.

Portal - a puzzle game.

The Talos Principle - also a puzzle game - similar to Portal in theme.

Stick it to the Man - it's a 2D humorous platformer. The main idea is that you get stickers that can affect people and your environment when you put hem there.

The Swapper - a 2D puzzle platformer. Your main tool is being able to make clones of yourself and swapping between which one you actually control, in order to go places.

The Stanley Parable - a bizarre game that cannot be easily described. I can only recommend it and try to explain a bit - it's sort of pitting you against a narrator, so you can try to follow the narration or defy it which can lead to all sorts of weird things.

The Beginner's Guide - another game from the creator of the above. It's much more linear, so you don't have as much freedom, however, at the same time it explores some similar themes or tackles other new ones in a familiar way. It's quite interesting although it's definitely not The Stanley Parable 2 in any direct way.

Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist - one of the people involved is the creator of the Stanley Parable, but there are others, too. It's a short game humorous game and it's free. I suggest just giving it a go - it would probably take you about 20 minutes to finish. Again, it's free, so why not?

Ghost Master - depends on how exactly you define "non-violent" but in this game you control ghosts and haunt people. The ghosts are of various types and each has distinct powers and abilities. It's somewhat reminiscent of Dungeon Keeper but you don't have any base building, you instead have different levels and you hand pick which ghosts you want to come with you each time. If you wait for a sale, any sale, this game is almost always -85% or -90%.

Postmortem: One Must Die - again, it would depend on how you define violence. You are death an you're sent to go and take a life of one person of your choice. You can talk to them and learn about the situations or not. There isn't a clear "good" or "bad" choice but your actions do mean that stuff changes in the world and you get to see how when you make your choice. You can replay it to see how else you can affect things. The game is fairly short - probably about an hour to do everything the first time and next playthroughs you can skip dialog, etc
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User Info: thedeadman568

2 months ago#7
This topic made me check my collection to see if I even have any games without violence, and there isn't a single game that doesn't involve inflicting damage to something, somehow. Not even Mario Kart.

User Info: grand_commander

2 months ago#8
Rocket League: Remotely controlled cars play soccer. Technically it's possible to blow up another car by ramming them while you're boosting, but they just get another car put onto the field right after.

Offworld Trading Company: Oh it's horrendously violent, but it's all economic violence: spike the price of goods that your opponents buy off the market so you have the cash to buy them and make their productivity yours! Oh wait, you can destroy automated buildings in this one... Buy it anyway.

Redshirt: Climb the social ladder. Another technicality: coworkers die on away missions, but there is literally no gameplay in these segments.

Slime Rancher: Do you count the tarr consuming slimes to make more tarr and either blasting the tarr with water or throwing them into the slime sea as violence? Or you getting popped in the nose by angry slimes?

Audiosurf: Yester-year's indie darling. Just ride the course to the tune of your preferred music.

Poker Night at the Inventory: It's poker night.

Tharsis: A depressing game where your people can die, but only from stuff like fires or starvation, not a person attacking them.

Puzzle Agent: I guess the main character fires his gun ineffectually in a cutscene or two, but it's a puzzle solving game with a mild-mannered desk worker as its protagonist.

SpaceChem: Another puzzle game, this one all about automating a process as efficiently as possible.

Infinifactory: Basically SpaceChem in 3D.

A Reckless Disregard for Gravity: As long as you don't splat into a building on your way down, nobody even gets hurt!

Race The Sun: The same idea, but going forward instead of down.

Chime: Puzzle games rarely involve violence.

Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion: They might "get" you, but there's no actual violence.

Brigador: Just kidding, this one is completely violent; I just think more people should know about it. It's an awesome mech game.

User Info: loader963

2 months ago#9
To the moon- 16 bit sob story

Kerbal space program- nasa simulator

Rocket league- fun soccer with cars but the community is starting to get a bit toxic
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User Info: ElDudorino

2 months ago#10
loader963 posted...
Kerbal space program- nasa simulator

SO GOOD, although if this is for a child, hopefully they're advanced for their age. You don't have to get heavy into the math and physics to enjoy the game but it can be a big help in making the game's extraordinary difficulty more approachable.

It would be great if kids were into this game, though. They might not even realize that they're learning while they're doing it. Plus, Kerbals are adorable.
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