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PC Gamers: Remember the 2011 Samaritan Demo?

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User Info: Sonic_Mania_3k

4 months ago#1
I like reading graphics debate. An interesting thing is the 2011 Unreal Engine 3, Samaritan Demo. It took 3 GTX 580s to run it.

In 2012, an optimized version ran on a single GTX 680, but with 4x fxaa instead of smaa, CORRECT?

There have been many debates around "what game looks as good as that, or almost as good." One interesting point is that some people say; the in game cutscenes of this game comes close, but the Gameplay graphics cannot compare.

My question is, if that Samaritan demo had actual Gameplay: you could rotate the cameras, have enemies fight you, etc... do you believe the graphics would be just as good?

Or, do you believe that high graphics fidelity was mostly because of it being a non interactive.... cutscene tech demo?
Better than Sonic 2, but not as balanced as 3k.
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