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How fast does steam download games for you?

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User Info: ArkonBlade

4 months ago#21
13MB a second.
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User Info: Ratchetrockon

4 months ago#22
max out at 14.8 megabytes a second but mostly does 14.5 megabytes a second average.

have 120 megabits internet.
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User Info: Tekken9292

4 months ago#23
I get 8MB/s
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User Info: iemerg_

4 months ago#24
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4 months ago#25
13 MB/s.
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User Info: Somato

4 months ago#26
It depends on the game. I've had it peak at about 12MB but seen it as low as 0kb/s

I have it capped to 10MB/s and most of the time it just caps out
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User Info: vlado_e

4 months ago#27
7.5-8 MB/s - the cap of my bandwidth.
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User Info: jhood

4 months ago#28
mine peeks at about 35MB/s
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User Info: xk_gman

4 months ago#29
i usually get about 30mb/s

User Info: PhilOnDez

4 months ago#30
Been a while since I downloaded anything but usually 12-14MB/s on my 150Mb/s (usually actually closer to 165Mb/s, or about 20MB/s) connection. I didn't really notice a bump going from 100 to 150 as far as Steam is concerned.
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