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How fast does steam download games for you?

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User Info: Abiz_

4 months ago#1
I just upgrade my internet. The speed did increase according to google speed test, but steam is still only around 8-10MB/s like before I upgraded.

User Info: arleas

4 months ago#2
Steam pretty much maxes out my connection at 7 MB per second ( not to be confused with 7Mbps)

User Info: _Marka_Ragnos_

4 months ago#3
Just started a download to test it.
46.8MB/s peak on wifi. But I do have gigabit internet.
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User Info: wantfastcars

4 months ago#4
I get about 700-900KB/s on Steam.
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User Info: CW Boi 209

CW Boi 209
4 months ago#5
I too peak at roughly 5-10 MB/s, but that's likely because I'm using a powerline adapter instead of being connected directly to my modem.
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User Info: RyanEsau

4 months ago#6
Steam hits about 8.5 MB/s for me which is above my speed cap.

On Wi-Fi (Use to be close but it's far now) I would hit my cap of 7.5 MB/s but since I'm on Ethernet now I guess there's some overhead leakage so I get upto 8.5 MB/s. Pretty nice.
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User Info: BrokenMachine85

4 months ago#7
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User Info: dogwarrior

4 months ago#8
Peaks at 10MB/s, averages 8-9.
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User Info: thegreatsquare

4 months ago#9
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User Info: johnny_pay

4 months ago#10
max speeds possible
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