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Did anybody see the iMac Pro price?

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User Info: Rud3Bwoy

5 months ago#21
Nothing more than a reassurance topic because you can’t afford one , let’s be real and don’t beat around the bush .

Writing this from my iPhone X btw don’t be jealous either
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User Info: Ciera

5 months ago#22
iemerg_ posted...
Try about $3500 with a proper 4k monitor.
Once 5k's become available I doubt they will cost $2,000...

$3500 and it's got a slower processor (3.6 vs 4.2), slower ram (VALUE RAM at that), non-pro version of the Vega card, a crap value tier TLC SATA SSD instead of a MLC 1TB 3.3/2.8 GB/sPCIe SSD, and VASTLY inferior monitor (low end consumer grade 4k vs professional 5k with P3 gamut). worst of all it runs Wangblows 10.
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User Info: Fade2black001

5 months ago#23
SinisterSlay posted...
Fade2black001 posted...
Well you dont need much of a system to do coding

32gigs of ram, i7, about a tb of storage. Yeah pretty simple.

3 4k monitors....
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  3. Did anybody see the iMac Pro price?

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